By:Andrew Troy Keller

On the Twenty-Second day of January,a new construction worker named Luke Spangler has arrived for his first day of work at the site where Atlas Construction Comapny was building a new office building for the city of Chicago.

However,after he had arrived at the site,he'd also noticed that some of the work has gone unfinished due to the fact that one of his new coworkers,a female construction named Lucy Garland has been boozing her brains out at a local bar and it was driving the other workers nuts.

It was because of that particular situation that Luke has decided to go to the bar and drag Lucy out of there and over to her apartment,where he figured that she'll be able to sober up and realize that she needs to stay off booze forever.

But after he had gotten Lucy into her apartment,Luke had closed the door behind them and turned towards Lucy,only to discover that she had taken off all of her clothes,walked over to Luke and said,"I'm warm,Luke.Don't you feel warm?"

And just as he was about to object,Lucy had wrapped her arms around Luke and kissed him ever so passionately on the lips.

Sometime later,after they were done with banging each other silly,the Linda Blair type beauty had finally sobered up,realized that she did something wrong and placed herself in deep denial.