I'm scared of your love
It's true, I'll say
Scared of the pain that
Will inevitably come when you go away

I'm scared of loving you
I don't know what your reaction would be
If I were to fully express myself
What would you see in me?

And I'm scared of what we have
I'm scared maybe it's not all there
I'm sorry for doubting you
But you have dared

To hurt me before
Breaking my trust for you
Now you're mine again, but
This all seems too good to be true

How could someone who ruthlessly hurt me before
Suddenly love me so
It all seems so shady
I honestly don't know

I guess I'm just scared
Of believing in this too much
I do love you
But it seems at times like such

A game in my mind
Do you want me for me?
Or are you more attracted in
My body?

It seems we can't just sit together
And enjoy each other's company
We have to be all over each other
Yet I feel so lonely

You're not all to blame
It seems I always want that to
I guess I just don't know
How to tell you

I wish I wasn't so doubting
But I'm scared of the pain
That happens when I know that
I have everything to lose and nothing to gain