You learn something new every day
You think you know how people are
Concerned for themselves and their own ways
Not caring for anyone else

So you're quiet and don't say anything
You hold it in, smile, do anything to hide it
It doesn't fulfill one thing
But it does save you from people's pity

But just as you're sure of people's attitudes
They turn and surprise you
Leave you feeling happily fooled
Leave you having a feeling of comfort

People you hardly know, people you thought didn't care
Come up and hug you just because they heard you ask someone for a hug
You didn't think they'd ever dare
To comfort you even in that slight way

You feel so cared about, so warm inside
And surprised that people could care
All your old thoughts are now defied
There's good left in people, after all

It's funny how a simple act
Can simply make your day
That is a true fact
You're blessed with a story of good