She sits alone
In her darkened room
Watching all the shadows
Around her loom

She listens to
A CD that was an expression of someone's heart
She lingers over past happy times
Wishing they didn't have to part

She wears a mask each day
With a fake smile
And forced laughter
That makes nothing worthwhile

She feels alone
And so damn confused
She doesn't know
What she has to lose

People reach out
They try to help
She pushes them away
Saying they never felt

What she was feeling
So leave her alone
She wants to be free
Free and windblown

She wishes
That people didn't care
So that no one would try to deal with
What she had to bear

She trusts very few
For reasons of her own
She wants to get away
From the advice they loan

Advice means nothing to her
Sympathy she has no need for
Love she wishes she didn't have
Happiness.there may be some at her core

She looks for things
To heal her soul
She misses her happy days
Where everything wasn't so foul

She at first
Finds comfort in searing pain
Scratches up and down her arms
She feels she has nothing to gain

A person who cares
Makes her stop the self-abuse
Pleading that she
Find a way to muse

She turns to singing
Sorrowful songs
Filled with emotions
Of a life long gone

Although this helps
She finds no song tells her feelings
So she picks up a pen of her own
And lets the words come flowing

She writes songs of dark
Poems of her life
Slowly she finds this
Lifting her strife

She cries out her pain
And for the pain of others
For the problems of the world
And all our sisters and brothers

She begins to slowly heal
And tells part of her tale
To the person she trusts
And then with no fail

She quietly picks herself up
And puts together the parts
Of her life that
Had been cut through with the darts

Of paranoia and sorrow
Not to mention a haunting past
She learns to deal with the memories
That she knows will last

She begins to feel she can
Deal with all the long days
She feels capable again
Her depression turns into a phase

She lets her true self shine
With a happy smile
And bubbling laughter
That is, in fact, worthwhile

She still has bad days
But learns to put the good in bad
And if she finds she can't
She accepts that she's sad

But sadness no longer destroys her
Nor do dark thoughts consume
Her sensitive soul and mind
And it's safe to assume

This young girl
Will be able to stand strong
And look fear in the eye
Without backing down

This girl's story
Is a triumphant one, it's true
And although it was filled
With a deep blue

I'm glad it is
My story to tell
Because I know I got up
After I fell

So this young girl can say
Writing this helped her heal
Along with all the inspiration
The people who cared helped her feel

Her heart feels whole
Her soul put together right
Her mind has put out the darkness
And has turned on the light