My outer wall of steel
Sometimes feels more like a trap than protection
I'm fighting to get out of them
Trying to soften the collision

I smile for you
So you won't ask me hat's wrong
I laugh for you
So you'll leave me alone before long

Inside I cry for me
Trying to find a way to heal
Inside I die for me
Trying to not let you in on how I feel

I'm a good actress
You don't suspect a thing
For your sake
I don't let you really see

My inner soul
So ragged and torn
With black holes scattered about
The only things that adorn

I live a huge lie
And it doesn't fulfill me
I'm scared this is how
I'll grow up to be

I want to get away
NEED to leave my old life behind
I can't take it anymore
I wish I was blind

To sorrows and depression
And the fear I live in
Fear my mask will drop
And my wall will crumble in