I have been ripped apart
I shall never be put together right again
I shall never feel
Never breathe
Shall never truly live

I shall be a walking shadow
An empty shell
A dieing heart

My blood runs cold
My eyes blaze with pain
I am disconnected
I am lost

My support has been cut
I am not alive
I plead to be not alive
But if I wasn't alive
I wouldn't feel this deep enveloping hurt
I would have the comfort of nothing

That is what I should feel
For that is all I have

And that has left me empty, and cold
Tears of acid run down my cheeks
Lethal tears, tears that are everything but comforting
Burning holes into my soul, my beings
I shall never stop

I shall always cry for that lost one
The one who should've stayed
But was driven away by misery

Insanity is what I feel
I'm cracking

A slow painful song plays
My tears burn hotter
I begin to shake
As another wave of pain hits

I am unsubstantial
A mere shadow
I have lost he who brought life to me
Brought a smile to my face
Brightness to my eyes
He is gone
Lost, from my world

I shall never feel right
My heart pounds in my head
I am a wraith
All I feel is pain, slashed hope
And longing