Ooh, your evil look scares me
Oh gosh, don't hurt me
Girl please, spare me
Your mind, awake?
That happens rarely

You flip your stringy hair
As if I fucking care
Oh girl, don't you dare
You sayin' I'm evil?
Yea, you're playing fair

You can't see past your crooked nose
Girl, everyone knows
You'd have to be on overdose
You think you're perfect?
That has to be a pose

I can't believe you're so self-centered
You seriously need to enter
The realm where you're not the center
You think you're a princess?
Girl surrender

You need you change your way
Because not everyone's gonna play
Your idiotic little game
You think you're adored?
You have no fame

You're a big ass liar
And girl, you're in dire
Need to get away from the fire
You think you're strong?
You're a crier

I just don't like you
Others despise you too
You do what you do
You think it's cute?
You're a fool

I know I'm not perfect
At least I know my defects
But yours, you can't fix
Reality through your eyes?

You're such a witch
No, that's an insult to the witch
In reality, you're a bitch
Think you're all that?
Girl, you wish