The candlelight melted wax drips away; reminiscent of our faded romances
If we can't handle fights and keep our lips away; our insistent kisses are
just jaded trances
With you finger on the trigger I dare you to pull it. I'll take my chances
Because I might be able to dodge the bullet, but I can't dodge your glances
My lungs burn from inhaling you full of it bullshit; you were just a
transient cancer
If I push you you'll pull it, how come I couldn't see the question to my
If the bullet kills me, how could it be any worse then what you've already
done to me?
So fill my head with lead till the clip is completely empty and then I'll
see how you run to me
Gently unrelenting with this contempt I'm tempted to be dissenting
Don't bother to unbend words you meant for me; built up resentment tends to
be descending
I learned to turn my shoulder on your baby blue reassuring words and sexual
Turned by time into a soldier, I was fucked over by the hurt and every time
I just got more burnt for returning
I could never barricade your beautiful hurricane and it's ironic that after
all the wasted time you want to waste me
I'm not afraid of death but another wasted breath on getting you not to
think hastily
Fuck it. Take the gun off safety
With you I was just cold and growing older you got the best of me and
tested my composure
Keep your supposed prose disclose my old self would have froze but the new
me knows it's over
Without you I've never been this close to closure