The Writer And The Rock Star Daughter

By:Andrew Troy Keller

You know,if I'm not mistaken,the one thing that could sometimes be the hardest to do in a marriage is to sacrifice your old life for a new one--even if you do love your lifemate with all your heart.

Case in point:On the Thirteenth day of June,a young television writer named Christopher Brodderick was attending a sold-out concert of the hottest heavy-metal band in America,Sagittarius,whose lead singer was none other than the legendary Zachery Kilmer himself.

After the band had sang a few of their greatest hits,Nicole Kilmer,who was the band's manager and Zachery's wife,has called for an intermission in order to let her husband get some rest.

Of course,the intermission has given Chris the perfect time to go to the snack bar and get himself something to munch on before the second half of the show begins,only to have himself bump into an Ally Sheedy type beauty named Libra Kilmer,who was Nicole and Zachery's daughter.

And after they've looked into each other's eyes,both the writer and the rock star daughter had fallen in love with each other--and a year later,Christopher Brodderick had married his new bride,Libra Kilmer-Brodderick and left his TV writing career behind to be with her.

However,after only a few months,Chris was suddenly beginning to feel like he was bored out of his mind with nothing better with his time and it was driving him nuts.

"Chris,are you okay?",asked a concerned Libra,after she had walked into their bedroom."Is there something with you?"

After he had looked at his beloved wife and placed his gentle hand on top of his,Chris had taken a deep breath and answered,"I'm sorry,Libra.It's just that I'm so bored out of my mind that it's driving me nuts.I'm even considering going back to being a TV writer just to break up the boredom.But if you still don't want me to,I'll understand and try to give making the best of it another try."

But suddenly,Libra had wrapped had wrapped her arm around her loving husband and said,"Are you nuts?I was wondering when you were finally going to say that.You see,this whole rock star daughter gig has been driving me nuts ever since my dad and his band had made their first gold record."

"I didn't know that.",said a surprised Chris."Are you going to be okay?"

"Oh,I'll be okay.",answered Libra,after she had taken a deep breath."I'm actually worried about you--and if you really do believe that going back to writing TV shows would help relieve you of your boredom,then why don't you do so.Besides,I'll always love you no matter what."

And after he had placed his forehead on her's,Chris had let out a great big smile and said,"You know something,Libra?I still love you."

Then,after they had shared a small giggle between the both of them,both Chris and Libra had looked at each other for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips--and after they've removed all of their clothes and placed their nude bodies on the bed,both the writer and the rock star daughter had started making mad,passionate love to each other,while everyone else inside the Kilmer household were still doing their normal daily routine.

Just then,after they had finally compleated their moment of pure sensual erotica,Libra had placed her head on Chirs' chest,let out a sigh and asked,"Do you now feel better,Chris?"

"I sure do,Libra.",answered Chris,while he was running his gentle fingers through Libra's hair."I sure do."

And after they had snuggled up to each other,both Chris and Libra had fallen asleep within each other's naked arms.

The next day,after Chris had announced to the rest of the Kilmer household that he was going back to being a TV writer,both Nicole and Zachery had told him that they understand and they only want to keep their sweet little angel happy.

And so,after that,Chris has accepted an offer to write a TV series for Warner Brothers Television Productions in time for the 2003-2004 Fall TV Season,which is a sitcom entitled 'Working Days',which is about the people who work at a joint vocational center in Elyria,Ohio.