I could be among a crowd of hundreds,
All of which I know,
But still I would feel,
So horribly alone.
I could be surrounded by laughter,
Mirth and joy abounding.
But no happiness will I feel
On my secluded island dwelling.
I could be engaged in conversation,
My wit duly noted.
But it is only words I speak
Through a robotic monotone.
I could smile and appear well,
Not a trace of sorrow.
But underneath it all I am
So miserably hollow.
I could seem to be content,
Watching things by the window pass.
But really I am sobbing
A deeply hidden lament.
I could be walking with a friend,
Or sitting right beside them.
But they, no others cannot see
How acutely I've been rend.
I could sit erect,
My back straight not bent.
But who would care what I do,
When abandoned I am by you.
I could stand right in front of you,
But you would never see,
The tears that do come streaming down,
Forming pools to drown me.
I could be among a group of many
None of which I know,
Only then would I truly feel
As if I did belong.