'Where God Is'

            "What do you mean God is in that flower?" the response was. I smiled down at the seven year old girl.

            "He's not just in the flower, Anna." I said bending down to look deep into the innocent, young girl's big brown eyes, "He's everywhere." I put my index finger over my heart, "He's in me." I put my finger over her heart, "He's in you. And He's in our mommy and daddy."

            "That's silly." Anna laughed sweetly. I sighed, 'Give me patience, Lord.' I thought. "How is it silly?"

            "God's too big to be in me, you, or mommy and daddy." That was just too cute. I laughed, sat cross-legged in the damp grass and held my sister's small hands in mine. "Where do you think God is, Anna?"

            "In heaven with Jesus, Mary, and grandma." She replied. "That's not his only dwelling place," I said smiling.

            "But how can he be in two places at once? That's impossible."

            "Oh, but sister, God can do everything."

            "Like what?"

            "Well, things we can't see and things we can."

            "What do you mean?"

            "Remember the small arguments I used to get into with my friends?" Anna nodded. "And do you remember how we always ended up forgiving each other? That was God's work. He helped us see our wrong and to forgive each other." My response was a blank stare.

            "Alright, well, do you remember waking up on Christmas mornings and celebrating mass with our family and friends? Do you remember how happy we all were?" Anna nodded, "Was that because of God?" she asked.

            "Yes, we were all so happy and thankful that God had sent His son to help us live in the light. It brought strangers together and families even closer."

            "Where else is God, Mikayla?"

            "He's there on the first day of spring- when everything is waking up after the winter frost. He's the rays of the sun warming the world with His eternal love. He's the warm blanket covering you when you're cold in the winter and protecting you from the evils of the world."

            "What about the mean people?"

            "God loves them just as much. And they're not mean on purpose, they're just confused."

            "About what?"

            "Life. Family. Friends."

            "Should I pray for them?"

            "Yes, pray that they find courage in God and they follow the path that God has laid out for them."

            "Anna!" a motherly voice shouted from the distance. I lifted my head to see my tired mother come around the corner. "Anna, honey, don't scare me like that." My mother said picking my sister up. "Sorry, mama."

            "Who were you talking to?"


            "Oh, honey, Mikayla's gone. She died. She's not coming back."

            "She was here!" Anna shouted. "She told me that God is everywhere."

            "She did?" My mother looked at the spot where I was sitting. But she couldn't see me. A week ago I had been killed in a car accident. Hit by a drunk driver. After that, my parents lost all faith and hope in God.

            "Yeah, she told me to pray for people who are confused."

            "Oh yeah? Well, we've got time, How about we go pick Daddy up and pray with him?" I was able to tell my mom was getting chocked up.

            "Yeah." My mom put Anna down and they both began walking away. I stood up off the ground and watched them. Anna suddenly turned around and walked towards me. I took her hands, placed them together in between my own hands, and kissed her delicate fingers. When I let go and she opened her hands, a single white rose lay in her hands. Anna smiled up at me and I picked her up, twirling her around and holding her close. I looked over at my mother and knew that she could see me now. I gave Anna a small kiss and asked her to tell our mother that I love her. I watched as Anna ran over to our mother and deliver my message. My mom laughed joyfully and they both walked to the parking lot. Once I had watched them drive off, I turned around and felt myself drifting up to the heavens to walk next to my Almighty Father for eternity.

~The End~