Some think it's so easy,
Draw the blade away from the flesh,
Get rid of the temptation,
The urge.
Pain is only temporary, for it will always go away,
Not my pain, my pain clings to my insides,
Ripping my heart and soul apart like tissue paper,
As I carve my life's story into the part of me you see.
This one for the time you left me,
That one for all the times he yelled,
Those for the times you forgot about my pain,
And this one for the time you lied.
Over and over again the jagged red lines mark me,
scar me,
Always and forever a reminder of my misery,
How it was too much for me.
You tell me to stop my self pain inside and out,
That it's so easy to quit the addiction,
Well, it's like smoking or drinking,
You cannot and will not ever stop in a single night,
In a single day.
With this pain I give myself,
It's my poison, my addiction,
I can't stop as easily as you may think I can, no matter how strong I am,
Can you see my pain now? The bleeding lines upon my flesh?
Can you bloody see anything?
Or are you like everyone else, blind to my life and my pain,
Deaf to my ongoing screams to be free from my pain.
So still I draw the pin across my flesh,
Still I spill my life force,
Still I cry,
Still I die,