Picking off the petals of the single black rose,
Tears dripping from my eyes as the petals fall upon my grave,
Hearing the petals hiss and catch flame as they land upon the fresh dug
As I rip off another petal, I bite back a cry of pain,
As the skin upon my fingers blackens and burns away,
But I don't care about the pain, I don't feel it,
All I feel is the pain of losing you.
Ripping and tearing my heart apart into those rainbow shards you know so
Spewing the pieces back in my face, blood and all,
I don't care as the blood of my own ruined heart slips slowly down my face,
Mixing with my tears.
You smile back at me, your eyes hard and cruel,
Your words promising and kind, but your heart turns cold,
Unable to love me like I love you.
Even after I showed you, allowed you,
To be who you really are,
Even after all the times you've been there for me when my soul fell into
Even after you told me I'm your kindred spirit,
Even after you admitted you still love me,
You leave me in darkness.
The dark black petals continue to fall,
Continue to burn away the flesh of my fingers,
He loves me,
He loves me not.
My being crumples and breaks away, slipping into the grave,
Leaving me as a shadow of who I once was,
A being of pain and suffering,
Ignorant to happiness and joy,
Feeding and thriving upon scars and bruises of the past,
Hiding behind the devil's mask.
I refuse to come back into the light,
Refuse to see the love the world bestows upon me.
One last petal upon the rose,
I pull it off and watch as it drifts,
Down, down until it lands upon the fresh grave,
My grave.
Hot, angry tears splash from my unseeing eyes,
I cry again,
Once more I cry,
For you.
Roses never lie,
And so inside I die,
My life and love you forgot,
For you love me not.