Heart breaking, my breath is failing,
Inside my soul is fading, fading away,
What I hear, what you said to me that day,
Warm, poisonous arrows shot into my heart, my soul.
Blood spills inside, outside over what you told me,
What I heard from you,
Simple words transformed into twisting, burning pain.
Tears spilling from eyes clouded by jealousy and hurt,
A never ending, flowing river of sorrow,
No words of sympathy can dam the flow,
No kiss can heal the wounds bleeding inside of me.
I scream for you loud and clear,
But nobody's listening.
Confused, lost in my own world of darkness and misery,
No stars here to show me the way back,
No kind voice to guide me away from my doom,
No touch to encourage me.
All alone here, pounding on my invisible barriers between me and you,
Walls I built with my anger and pain.
Matchsticks blown out by the demons surrounding me,
Candles crushed by the pressing blackness.
No light here, none,
Nowhere, anywhere.
Your voice echoes around me,
Over and,
Over again I hear the words you spoke to me that day,
The day you killed me,
The day my soul died and, I still went on living with the pain you handed
to me on a silver platter,
The day you dug my grave and buried me alive.
I found my own way out, clawing through the dirty lies pilled on top of me,
Ripping through the weeds of despair you planted over me,
No flowers laid upon my grave by those who loved and cared for me,
You stole them from me,
Kept them away from me,
Told them everything was all right.
I cried out for them, for you,
But no one was listening.
Still I cry,
Still I scream,
But nobody's listening.