I run up one hill
And stumble down two
I laugh into the wind
And am laughed at by you

As if you know me
You're so quick to judge
And so quick to hold
A very strong grudge

And I'm crying inside
So confused and lost
And I'm screaming inside
For the expense in the cost

Outside is a smile
And I put it on for you
So you can be ignorant
And not to what you'd do

If you knew the real me
And all the darkness I hold
My feelings are trapped
Behind a mask that's so bold

And I wish I could be
Just like you
And I wish I could do
What you do

And I wish I could be
Able to deal
And I wish I could feel
What you feel

And I hope that I
Will live through this
And I hope I won't be finished
By this shit

And I hope that you
Will continue to live on
And that your thoughts won't consume
You too, so you're gone

And I cry for you
And your sorrows
And I wish that I
Didn't have to borrow

This happy front
From deep inside
And I wish I wasn't
Living a lie

And I pray for you
And your salvation
And I wish that I
Could have domination

Over this deep voice
Of which I'm so scared
It growls and snaps at me
It's teeth bared

And I uplift my thoughts for you
Hoping you won't go through this
I hope you life your life
Without this shit

And I feel just like
My strength's all drained
And I've been showered on
By acid rain

And it's burned its holes
Through my being
And its burning through and made worse
The pain I'm feeling

And please stay fooled
By this happy front
And don't try to get me
To be really blunt

And I wish not to scare you
Although your pettiness annoys me
And what you see as problems
I disagree