This is the truth,
This is how I feel,
I'll give up everything,
So as you feel real.

I'll let my soul fly,
I'll destroy my body,
For love there was never,
A real opportunity.

I feel alone,
I cry crimson tears,
Why aren't you here?
To fend away my fears.

Why don't you care?
That I am me,
That I am unhappy,
That I want to leave.

I'm hanging onto life,
By a single thread,
All meaning had dispersed,
I'm better of dead.

I need you to love me,
But I shall push you away,
For any love that comes to me,
Only ends in dismay.

It only brings the tears,
The blade back out,
But you don't care,
No matter how I shout.

I'm screaming on the inside,
I'll collapsing on the out,
You really don't understand,
What I'm all about.

I'm crying on the inside,
I'm crying visible tears,
You all know something is wrong,
But I am one of your greatest fears.

Why do you all avoid me?
Why don't you really care?
It's as if I'm not here,
That I'm never really there.

By Siobhan
Date: 12/June/2004