A dark figure walked down a dusty path, trees flanking his left and right sides. A shock of sandy blond hair poked up from what almost seemed like an flat black body, the collar of the trench coat turned up to shield a tanned face from looking out, the eyes of the face hidden firmly behind a pair of sunglasses, the square frames covering the windows to the soul perfectly from prying eyes. A strong wind slashed out towards the walking figure - but it seemed to not feel it, the wind sluicing straight over the body as it walked, the wind causing the coat to ruffle but not open.

The trees began to part slightly into a small opening within the forest, and within the opening were three figures and what looked like a broken cart, the horse that had been pulling it shivering in it's tethers, unable to move thanks to the dead weight.

Two of the figures turned to the third. "Dammit, they got away!!" The first said, a stumpy looking dwarf with a long red beard.

"I know that, Turner." The third person said, a slim looking woman with a body of an acrobat, dressed in bright green.

"What now Cara?" The second man, a giant with thick, stocky muscles and a barrel of a neck said, looking down to the woman like a dog asking for the next meal.

Cara seemed to wait, thinking for a second.before shrugging. "They're gone, and will most likely be too frightened to tell anyone. We'll pillage the cart like we planned and use the horse to take the gear to our hide-out."

Turner turned and began to walk back to the cart - before pausing. "Cara.there's a guy here."

Cara didn't even turn as she jumped into the back of the wagon - she simply bent down, underneath the boards. "Kill him. Make sure he's dead. Petar, not you - get the horse."

Petar, the largest of the trio, obediently obliged the woman, walking around to the front of the cart to untie the horse from it's holdings.

Turner, for all his size gave him, sneered like a professional killer. Reaching behind him he pulled out a large double-headed axe, the edges glinting brightly as they slipped out of the well-oiled scabbard strapped to his back. "Gonna have to bleed you, pal.you're in the wrong place at the wrong." He sneered as he stepped forward - before he stopped talking and moving.

The figure's coat slipped back into it's prone position, having just flashed out like a blast of wind had just erupted from within it. He didn't seem to have moved.

The echoing of a high-pitched wail vanished into the trees, the sounds of rustling leaves overtaking it in no time.

"Gods, what the hell was that?" Cara muttered, sitting up in the cart to look out at the dark figure and Turner. "Geez Turner, he just shrieked in fear! Kill him already, he's starting to freak me out."

Turner didn't move. His axe sat in his hands before him, his body seemingly unable to move.

"Turner?" Cara called - before turning to Petar. "Go and see what's wrong with him. And keep an eye on Mysterious Man - I don't think that was any ordinary scream."

Petar nodded dumbly, walking forward and drawing a gigantic claymore from a hip-scabbard, the weapon seeming miniscule in his gigantic paw. Stepping forward and doing just as Miss Cara said, he walked forward slowly to Turner whilst keeping a close eye on the man in the dark clothes.

The man didn't seem to move. He simply stood there, his face staring straight ahead, his dark sunglasses reflecting the light from the trees as the twilight spilled through them to spot the ground like a leopard's back.

Petar moved forward and tapped Turner's shoulder. "Oi." He said - before taking a step back in horror.

As soon as he had touched his friend's corpse the axe's head had fallen from the haft, the pole sliced neatly in half as it slipped from the dead man's hands - before a red line appeared from between his stumpy legs to the top of his squat head, blood oozing from the wound slowly.

.and then he fell apart, the left side falling left, the right side falling right.

Petar stumbled back, aghast, before looking up at the man standing like a statue at the entrance of the opening. "You.you did that, didn't you?" He cried - before charging forward, not bothering to listen for an answer, his claymore held high above his head as a guttural snarl erupted from his throat.

The man stood stock still for a second - before he lifted his left hand, pointing his gloved palm towards the giant's head.

Cara, watching from the cart, screamed out as rich red liquid erupted from the back of Petar's thick neck, something zipping out from the wound to fly forth and stab into a tree trunk, a few yards from the ground. Looking from Petar's neck to the trunk, Cara saw something amazing - a dagger, slender and wickedly pointed, embedded into the bark of the tree, a little bit of blood on the blade - before her eyes widened as she looked down the trajectory of the dagger, seeing something reflected in the twilight.

A shimmering wire, attached to the dagger.

Looking back to Petar, she watched as he sagged forward to his knees, his face towards this dark demon - and was held up by the wire, unable to fall to his knees any further.

The man's stony face grimaced for a second, his palm still up and facing the giant, an almost invisible wire disappearing into his sleeve - before he yanked his arm across.

The wire slashed out of the side of Petar's neck, causing blood to gush from the wound and his body to slam to the ground with a massive boom. The dagger slipped out of the bark of the tree and returned to the man's sleeve almost instantly, the whipping noise of the wire being spooled back into his sleeve ripping through Cara's ears - then the sound was over and the man placed his arm back down to his side.

Now there were two. Or, to put it in a different perspective, there was only one left.

Cara froze as the man turned his head to look at her, his sandy blond hair ruffling in the wind slightly as she felt his hidden eyes settle onto her.

This was where the fight or flight syndrome was supposed to kick in, where the threatened gets a sudden surge of adrenaline which allowed them the extra kick to either put the balls to the wall and fight for their life, or run like a coward to live another day.

Cara, however, felt no such rush. No adrenal-heightened senses. No exhilarating thrill of oxygen-filled blood coursing through her veins to allow her the strength to battle or flee.

She simply quivered in the cart, locked in the man's invisible gaze, unable to move whilst within it's binding qualities.

The man stepped forward then, his boots treading softly on the blood- stained dirt as he walked around the giant Petar with half a neck and the sliced-down-the-middle Turner to approach the cart.

Cara moved then, slipping back and falling on her ass - before scrambling to her feet and running for the other side, jumping over the side and hitting the ground in a run - to barrel into the dark figure looking up before her.

It was like hitting a brick wall and she fell back, crying out as she hit the ground. "No - nothing can move like that!" She screamed, turning and running the other direction - to run into the man once more.

This time she fell back - only to be caught by cold hands, one grasping her throat whilst the other held her right wrist, lifting her off the ground whilst keeping her from drawing her sabre, forgotten in her mad dash away from this inhuman apparition who now had her in it's mercy.

The thing looked down at her, watching as her legs vainly kicked out beneath her, trying to find purchase as the left hand scrabbled desperately for purchase on the iron-like grip around her throat - before it spoke. "What's your name?"

The voice was cold and distant, deep with a timbre that was rare even for men, and with an accent that Cara couldn't place - but there was also a deep sadness within it, so sharp it bit Cara's bones. "C-Cara Halting." She gasped.

"Do you have friends in the city to the south?"


The man dropped her then, allowing her to scuttle back briefly and rub her hand over her bruised throat, her breath wheezing in and out as she tried to get her crushed windpipe to work again.

He walked forward and grasped her shirt-front, shoving his sunglass-masked face into hers. "Tell them that Tomorrow's coming - and there'll be no mercy for any of you."

"W-what do you mean, tomorrow's coming?!" Cara gasped, unable to comprehend.before watching as the man seemed to simply fade from her view, disappearing completely as if made from smoke.

Her screams reached a crescendo as she raced from the cart, her fallen comrades and her invisible enemy, her mind scrambling to comprehend what had just happened whilst simultaneously telling her to escape.

* * *

Tomorrow watched her run away before blinking. He had used the Dream-Time technique to mask his body from her eyes, manipulating the electrical signals interpreted by her brain to simply erase him from her view.

He looked down at his two fallen foes and shook his head in disgust. If they had worked together, possibly with the guns they had tucked in their waistbands, they might have stood a chance - a slim, minute chance, but a chance non-the-less. None these bandits-cum-murderers would have ever stood up against someone of the calibre of Tomorrow - indeed, none of them had even seen him draw The Lament to perform the Sonic Slash on his first victim.

He wondered just how many of them would understand his warning. He even wondered if the girl would tell anybody of importance.

It didn't really matter. The purge would come soon - and then his credentials would be seen as clear as day.

Splattered in the seedy joints and back-alleys, painted in the blood of the murderers and the rapists, written with the fingers of the damned and punctuated by the heads of the monsters and demons who got in his way.

Nothing was safe when Tomorrow arrived.

* * *.

"I'm telling you, it was a."

"A ghost, right?"

".y-yeah, that's right."

"You were supposed to steal the invoices from the wagon, Cara. This was supposed to be a step up for you, out of the petty theft crap and into the big time. You fuck up and you come up with some shitty ghost story and some half-assed warning? C'mon. You can do better then that, I know you can."

Cara clamped her mouth shut. Snake, the head man in Barton, ran just about everything, from sleazy nightclubs to the underground drug operations working out of Gambino. He was a massive man, a kind of man who wasn't one to sit back and let the minions to the dirty work - he got out there and into the thick of it, joining his men in turf wars and participating in underground fights.

He was dressed in slacks and a dark tee-shirt, work shoes on his feet and a tired, almost bored look on his dark face. It looked like she had just interrupted him from a game of golf. "I'm telling you the truth, Snake! He was a tall guy.around 6'1".with dark blond hair.he wore a black trench coat and took Petar and Turner apart like they were nothing."

"Petar and Turner?! Those friggin morons already had one foot in the grave when they signed up to work with you!" Snake snorted. "I should've killed the worthless bastards myself and saved you the grief of working with them."

Cara began to reply before there was a resounding boom, the ceiling of the underground office rumbling and spilling dust everywhere.

"Fucking hell.if it's those Clowns I'm really going to give it to them." Snake muttered, walking around the desk to sit down into the chair and stab his beefy finger into the intercom. "Status report."

"Sir! The main door has just been breeched by an unknown man! The outer cameras showed that he.he just punched it and it fucking crumpled under his fist!"

Snake looked up at Cara slowly, who was staring down fearfully at the intercom. He pressed the send button again. "What does he look like?"

"About 6'1", blond hair, dressed in black.he's just standing at the entrance, sir. It's like he's waiting for the guards to arrive."

Snake narrowed his eyes and looked up at Cara. "Send the Borgs with them, just to be on the safe side."

"Yes sir." Was the immediate reply before the intercom died.

Snake sat back in his chair and reached into a drawer to pull out a remote control, pointing it at the wall behind Cara and pressing a button. The wall slid up, revealing a massive video screen, which flashed into life, revealing a smoke-filled hallway - and a figure silhouetted in the open doorway, the moonlight spilling into the hall and creating a long shadow over the massive three-inch thick iron doors.

Snake pointed at the man, sitting back in his chair. "Well. There's your ghost, Cara, plain as day. Lets just see if he's as scary as you've made him out to be."

* * *

The dust and smoke filled the entire hallways, the hall about three meters wide by three meters high. It's length disappeared into the darkness as the lights were suddenly shut off - but Tomorrow didn't despair.

He didn't need the lights to see in the dark.

A group of six men ran through the little base, armed up to the teeth with armour and weaponry - one wielded duel katana's, another carrying a giant hammer, another wielding some throwing knives - the rest had machine guns, their rifles snugly resting against their shoulders as they ran forward - and came to the entrance of the hallway.

The smoke spilled into the corridor they were coming from, and as the gunners went first the others followed closely behind, each one of them with their weapons up.

Moving up the hallways slowly the three gunners spied the target, standing like a dark monolith and framed by the moonlight like some black god. The leader lifted a radio to his lips, speaking softly into the microphone. "Target sighted, requesting permission to wax."

"Wax away."

"Ice him." The leader stated, lifting his machine-gun to level the barrel with the man's chest - and firing.

The corridor lit up with the barrel-flares as the bullets rained down on the man, his body lighted now by the muzzle-flashes, his sunglasses winking as his body seemed to move like a blur, his arms dashing before him as sparks and tiny explosions erupted around and before his body, a kind of harmonic hum sounding from his body, the shells of the tinkling against the concrete walls and floors as the men jammed their fingers down on their triggers - before the hammers clicked on empty chambers.

Ejecting the spent clips, the gunners reached into pockets to reload - before pausing in disbelief, watching aghast as the man lowered his arm slowly. "Where'd he get that sword from?" One gunner asked breathlessly as the man let the sword's edge drop down to lower the tip to the floor, the edge singing, his head bowing forward to look down at the ground as the smoke finally cleared.

.To reveal chunks and remnants of bullets, still smoking from the gunpowder, having been neatly cut in half and stopped in their tracks by the fantastic speed and strength of the man and his sword.




"Christ, he's moving! Shoot him, shoot him!!"

And then Tomorrow was amongst them.

* * *

Snake watched with a blank face as the man lowered the sword - before seeming to simply appear within the group of three, the smoke still wavering on the ground clearing a path behind him a second too late as he twisted the singing sword through the air - before the gunners went to pieces. Literally.

Cara whimpered and tried to back further into the corner she was huddled in, as if it was possible to escape the dead-dealer coming for them.

* * *

Tomorrow faced the three others, his face impassive behind his sunglasses. "Who's next?" He asked.

The man with the knives blinked - before jumping forward, throwing the knives towards Tomorrow whilst trying to bear down on him.

Fool.Tomorrow thought as he slashed The Lament up, knocking two knives off course before ducking the third, the sharp blade whistling past his ear as he twisted the katana in his hand - and slashed it up, the sword cutting straight through the man's groin and exiting at the top of his spine, cutting him directly in two and spraying blood in all directions as two pieces flopped to the floor where one had been before.

Smirking and turning, Tomorrow narrowed his eyes to see the two others running away. "Cha, dcowar si twha uyo ear." He muttered in a strange language, before walking forward, moving deeper into the base.

* * *

"Well." Snake murmured, rubbing his chin thoughtfully with his hand as he watched the mystery man move off screen. ".That was interesting."

Cara whimpered again, which irritated Snake. "C'mon, don't be such a baby! He's got to go through the Borgs now - nobody has survived with all their limbs intact. If anything they'll slow a man of this calibre down.perhaps even wound him a little."

* * *

Walking into a large room, reminding Tomorrow of a medium size banquet hall, he moved forward slowly - before jumping back away from the walls, landing in the centre of the room.

Almost a nano-second after he had landed the walls exploded, revealing three very angry looking humanoids.

Their bodies, rippling with muscles and wires which protruded from and followed the tapering arms and legs, were covered in what looked like tattered clothes, as if their bodies had changed from the usual muscles and bones of a human into these half-machines in less then a minute.

Tomorrow narrowed his ice-blue eyes behind his sunglasses - before looking up at the ceiling, preparing The Lament.

The ceiling blew, sending rocks and debris tumbling everywhere as another Cyborg fell down to Tomorrow, it's trajectory sending it straight down into Tomorrow's place - or so it thought. At the last second Tomorrow threw himself back, the Borg smashing face-down into the floor, creating a humanoid-type hole, much like those seen on week-end morning cartoons.

Flying back and skidding to a stop on his feet, his boots kicking up dust as his body followed suit with the sudden jump, Tomorrow looked up - to smile wickedly. Twisting the sword in his hands, he stabbed the singing blade into the concrete, the blade sinking in easily - before he shucked off his trench coat, the heavy leather garment slamming to the ground with a metallic clang as he flexed his tanned muscles, his arms well formed, his shoulders straight and thick like an athlete's, his neck tapered with tendons as he looked towards the four creatures as they turned to him as one.

His arms were scarred with the marks of battle, and on his left forearms and travelling up to his shoulder was a metallic contraption of some sort. Hugging close to the skin, the mechanism seemed to me some kind of brace - but the way he moved his arm showed that nothing was broken. "Come on!" Tomorrow yelled, waving them forward impatiently. "Come get some!"

* * *

"He's a dead man." Snake sighed as the four Borgs advanced.

* * *

The first Cyborg ran up, it's bare feet pounding into the concrete and it's fist pulled back - to slash out, stabbing straight for Tomorrow's face - if it had been there. Skidding to the side at the last moment, the breeze from the attack ruffling his blond hair, Tomorrow curled his own arm up against the mechanical man's bicep, arresting it within the crook of his fore-arm and upper-arm, squashing it tight when he lifted his fore-arm, and, grasping the mechinoid's wrist with his free hand, pulled back swiftly.

A brittle snap echoed around the soot-filled room as the mechinoid's arm was broken, before Tomorrow pulled the Cyborg forward and smashed his elbow into it's face, caving the skull and flipping it backwards to the ground.

The three others ignore their fallen comrade - they simply charged, jumping past or over it's body as all three rammed their way to Tomorrow.

Watching as they ran forward, Tomorrow smirked again - before jumping high, flipping his body and slapping one of the cyborg's heads to give him an extra boost as he literally flipped over them - and landed behind them. Spinning on his heel as they screeched to a halt and tried to turn, Tomorrow slashed his left boot out - to crush the nearest borg's face with the sole of it, snapping the borg's head back and sending him staggering back into the arms of his comrades.

Pushing out of there arms, the borg with the crushed face staggered forward with a growl - then stopped, bewildered, as Tomorrow rushed forward to slam one hand into it's throat and another into it's groin. Squeezing both areas mercilessly, Tomorrow lifted the massive monster high up above his body - before tossing him into the roof, the borg flying up to embed itself into the concrete.

Looking back down at his two adversaries, Tomorrow smirked. "This all you got?"

If the half-machines had feelings they would be angry - but instead they weight up their options and decided to attack at once, a plan formulated in an instant and conveyed between the two of them before they split up, slowly walking away from one another to flank Tomorrow, one coming up to his left before the other came up on his right.

"Wow - a plan." Tomorrow joked, his smirk not wavering as the two monsters suddenly jumped - straight through him, their bodies slamming into each other and falling to the floor, arms and legs in tangles.

Tomorrow had moved so fast they hadn't been able to compute the action, back flipping away from the two - to come across his Lament. Pulling the sword from the ground and spinning to face the two, he slashed the sword through the air at a horizontal arc, the edge singing as it pushed the air forward, creating a wire-thin line of air-pressure which screeched through the air with a high-pitched wail, moving at sub-sonic speeds as it bore down on the two entangled monsters - and straight through their necks, decapitating them instantly.

* * *

Snake watched with a smile on his face as the man sheathed his sword and walked forward to retrieve his long coat, throwing it over his shoulders before turning to look up at the camera.

"You're next." The man said coldly, lifting his left hand to point his palm at the camera - before the video screen was filled with static.

Cara shrieked and tried to make a break for the door - before Snake grabbed her shoulder and threw her back into her corner.

"Just stay there." Snake muttered, pulling off his dark tee and kicking off his formal shoes. ".I want a witness to this."

The two of them waited, Snake moving around to stand before his massive desk, Cara cowering behind the laquered wood as they listened.

Gunfire echoed from behind the doors to the office, blood screams and a high-pitched wail emitting from the wood.before roaring silence.

Snake narrowed his eyes. It had been a while since he had faced a man of this calibre - this would be an interesting test of his power.

The doorknob turned slowly, the door opened equally slowly - to reveal the blond-haired man, his coat stained slightly with blood, his eyes hidden behind those dark, dark sunglasses.

Snake could've sworn the temperature had fallen a few degrees when the man settled his eyes on him - but it must've been the draft coming in through the door. Right? "Impressive. In almost fifteen years of being the head of the Snake Hold, I've never seen an assassin of your skill. It looks like my rivals have gotten themselves a real pro now."

The man said nothing. He simply stared forward, his hand still on the doorknob, seeming to wait for something.

Snake smirked, his confidence growing with each second passing. "Well? Why don't you come in and we can get down to business."

"Yeah." The man said coolly, walking into the room and shutting the door behind him. ".That's an excellent idea."

"So glad you agree." Snake muttered, watching as the smaller man took off his coat once more, also pulling his sheathed sword from his hip and placing it beside the coat on the floor. "So, it's a fistfight, huh?"

"It's more of a challenge then." The man stated, straightening and looking directly at Snake now, as if before he hadn't been focusing on the massive man and had simply been looking at the room as a whole.

Snake felt the chill wave over him once more, and he wondered if the man had damaged the air conditioning when he had entered. "Do I get to know the name of my opponant?" He asked, cracking his neck to the side with a confident smirk.

"You wont be alive long enough to remember it."

Snake narrowed his eyes - before advancing then on the smaller man, his fists flying as quickly as a humming-bird's wings, blurring before him.

* * *

Tomorrow watched the man advance - before dodging the punches as they cut through the air around his head and body, turning his head slightly to let the fists slash past, twisting his torso to let the punches slide across, his body moving like liquid as it simply flowed around his attacks.

The man was big - at least a foot taller then Tomorrow and about three times his size. Not only that, but he had speed too - his fists blurred the air around Tomorrow as he ducked and dodged, twisted and curved, avoiding every punch and attack the man threw at him.

Finally getting fed up with the attacks Tomorrow slipped under a right cross and slammed his left fist deep into the man's stomach - and grimacing as the man chuckled.

"Abs of steel, huh?" The man chortled - before bringing his hand down to Tomorrow's neck in a chop, hitting him directly in the area between the neck and the shoulder, hitting his collar-bone with a jarring force.

Tomorrow grunted and fell to one knee - before a knee smashed him in the nose, knocking him flying back into the doors, the wood splintering under his back as he crashed into it.

Shaking his head and pushing himself to his feet, Tomorrow looked up - to have his head engulfed by a massively enormous fist, the fist lifting him up and off the ground and obscuring his view, his sunglasses creaking against his face as the palm squeezed tight around his skull - before a meaty mallet smashed into his stomach, kicking the wind out of him and causing him to gasp.

Being dropped to the ground once more, something kicking him in the guts and sent him crashing through the doors this time, skittling through the wood and against a wall, the dead bodies of the guards surrounding him.

Shaking his head and readjusting his glasses Tomorrow looked up - to watch as his foe grasped him by the shirt and threw him through the now open doors and back into the office, making him skip once on the rug before smashing straight through the middle of the desk, destroying it utterly and sending woodchips and papers everywhere.

* * *

Snake stepped into the room once more, smirking over to Cara as he watched the man try to sit up within the debris of the desk. "I thought you said this guy was a ghost - that he was unstoppable." He snorted, looking down at the man's sword and coat lying neatly beside the destroyed door. "Without his sword he's nothing."

* * *

Tomorrow sat up, looking over to who the man was speaking to - and smirking at her, before standing easily, his past uneasiness suddenly gone. Turning to face his opponent, he smiled at him. "I guess it's my turn now, huh?"

The larger man blinked - before laughing at Tomorrow, laughing so hard it seemed his sides would split. "Oh, by the gods, I haven't laughed like that since I was a little girl, thanks for that. No, seriously, I think your trip through the doors have muddled your brain a little."

"My brain is fine." Tomorrow said quietly. Indeed, he now seemed to not have suffered any wounding from the beating he had just taken - it was like he had taken it all in stride.

The bigger man simply shook his head in disbelieve. "You're insane, kid.fine then. One pot shot. Anywhere you want." He leaned down, presenting his chin. "Here - one free one to the face. It's the least I can give you, considering what I'm going to do to you after this is over."

Tomorrow quirked his eyebrows. "Fair enough, I guess." He muttered, adjusting the glove on his right hand as he walked up to the larger man and blowing on the knuckles - before pulling back the fist and letting it rocket forward, slamming into the man's chin powerfully.

* * *

Snake stood there, the man's fist still pressed hard against his granite- hard chin. "That's it? You call that a punch?" Snake asked him with disbelief - before frowning at the man's face.

He was smiling, as if he had just won. "What are you smiling at?" Snake muttered, confused.

* * *

"Not much." Tomorrow said, his smirk still on his face. "I've just got a little shock in store for you." Suddenly his whole body sparked, his arm lacing with blue-white static - before an thousand-volt charge went directly into the man's head.

It was Tomorrow's special gift, one passed down from his father. The ability to take the twelve volts a human being runs on - to multiply it many times and wield it to fantastic proportions. Anything from generating to absorbing to electromagnetism.

The larger man's body jiggled and jumped as the electricity fried his brain, going directly from his chin straight into his cranium. It's said that it only takes ten volts to take out a man if it's delivered directly to the brain. Imagine taking a thousand volts in one sitting.

Tomorrow finally released the charge, sending the larger man flying through the air through the obliterated doors and into the wall behind it, the wall crushing under his massive weight and wall plaster falling down all around him as his smoking corpse fell to the floor.

The Snake wasn't going to be running anything ever again.

* * *

Turning around, Tomorrow paused as he saw the girl. She was crouched behind the remnants of the desk and had a small gun in her hand, the weapon pointed at him. Her hands were trembling as she tried desperately to hold the weapon steady - but at that range, if she squeezed a shot off, no matter how she held it - it would hit him.

He focused his eyes on her behind his crooked sunglasses, reaching up slowly to readjust them - before turning away from her, walking over to his coat and sword and picking them up, sliding the scabbard back into position on his right hip before pulling his trench coat back on - then turning to leave.

A gunshot rang out, causing him to pause - and look down at the girl, lowering his smoking hand as he did so, having turned in an instant and caught the bullet before it hit his head.

The girl whimpered as she dropped the gun and put her hands up. "Okay. Kill me. Go ahead." She sighed, ready for death.

Tomorrow looked on at her impassively, dropping the bullet from his hand to the ground. It bounced once on the rug before lying still, still smoking slightly from the catch.

Cara gulped and closed her eyes, preparing herself for the worst.

Instead she heard a voice. "I could have killed you back at the clearing. I would have found out where you worked before. But I didn't. Do you know why?"

She hoped to the gods that he wasn't going to rape her. "I.I don't know." She whispered.

The voice was almost beside her as it entered her ear. "Because I need the word spread.Tomorrow's coming.and he's not going to stop for anybody."

Cara's eyes opened wide, looking around her at the destruction - but the man was gone. "Tomorrow." she whispered, finally understanding. "His name is Tomorrow."