Love, it is just an Emotion
A total devotion
A feeling you exude to a single soul
That someone who makes you feel like a whole
Is my Love this?
The eternal bliss
Is it sweet and sacred and fresh and hot?
My love isn't. My Loves not
It was a first love
It was a cursed love
It was a strong love
It was a wrong love
It wasn't love that I had felt
It wasn't an arrow that cupid dealt
The feeling I knew was something dark
Consuming my life like the ocean shark
It was a new love
It was a true love
It was a pain love
It was a bane love
What I felt wasn't sweet or kind
If it was love, then it was blind
But how can love be so so cold?
An icy chill as I yearn for your hold
I was alone, love
I was unknown, love
I was afraid, love
I was jade, love
Just because you don't love me
Doesn't mean my heart is free
I learned that life isn't white as the dove
The good, the bad, they're all times of love
It was real love
It's not ideal love
It was true love
It was you, love