I pull up to the dark house
Stop in the driveway, turn off the engine
I don't get out of the car right away
I can't seem to lift myself from the seat
I rest my head on the steering wheel
The cool leather calms my flushed cheeks
My heart, beating faster and slower all at once
As I open the door and step out
Brick house with a white picket fence
I stride up the gravel walkway
I hear the crunch of gravel beneath my feet
Each step full of expectation and anxiety
I breathe in deep before knocking
Then my knuckles rap upon the wood
Nothing, for a moment
Then your sweet voice calls a greeting
The door opens slowly
You know not what lays on the other side
But I smile at you, as you stare
Gazing into my long -forgotten face
They sent me away from my love
In a uniform so green
Overseas, with a gun in my fragile fingers
They told you I died in battle
But I lived, I am immortal
Recovered from that fateful shot
And walked home, thousands of steps
To kiss you once again
And you regain your voice
Recover from the ghost standing here
And hug me so beautifully
That I know I am home