Once upon a time I was a happy girl
Ever since then I've had to learn
Happiness, isn't so easy to come by
I am always wondering why

It hurts me every day
To try and struggle on
With not a breath in my soul
To sing a happy song

I always wonder
If I'll ever get away
I have to keep livin' on
To see another day

I wish I knew if I
Will ever get away
But I gotta keep goin'
Hopin' I'll see a better day
There's strength in my soul
That, I can honestly say
Every night as I pray
I look towards the day I wake
To a better day

I sometimes wonder if I'll ever slip
Into a state of ignorant bliss
But I always think so realistically
Although my mind and my heart just don't agree

I'm always wishing I knew
Who I really am
Feelin' like no one cares
No one gives a damn

(Repeat Chorus)

It isn't easy to go on
When this pain, it's just, so drawn
Better days seem far away
'Cause every day, I feel lower, than yesterday.

(Repeat Chorus)