I can write until my hands fall off
I can sing another sad and lonely song
I can dance until I can't no more
But I don't know what I try for

'Cause no matter what I do
I just can't get my mind off of you
There's no point in trying
'Cause I know I'll end up crying

And I know
That I love you
And that's why I can't get my mind off of you
You've made me
See so clearly
That being afraid to love someone
Will get you nowhere you'll become undone
And I know our love is true
Because boy I can't get my mind off of you

This heartfelt emotion
I know I'm caught in this ocean
But as long as you're with me
Lonely I'll never be

And I know I can't try
To stop these tears I cry
But I know I'll be okay
Because I feel your love in a powerful way

(Repeat Chorus)

I want to make you see
The way you make me feel
I know it's so real
This is the true deal

And I wish I knew
If I was on your mind too
But for now I'll revel in
The beauty of this feelin'

(Repeat Chorus)