Why do you waste time on him?
Why do you fall for his cheap grin?
Maybe I see what's not true
But he seems to be takin' over you

Maybe to you, he look fine
And maybe you wanna say, he's all mine
But I can guess, what he's doing
Can't you see for whom you're falling?

He may look good, he may seem sweet
But he prolly got a dozen girls, around his feet
Girl I don't know what to do with you
You can't see what's true
Even his fellas say he's not one to trust
Are you really gonna give in to his self-centered lust?
You don't need a playa's game on you
But you can't see what's true

You'll do anything for him
You're sinkin' too far in
The question is will he do anything for you
I'll be surprised if that's true

I can't see how blind you are
You're lettin' this go too far
Girl you're gonna end up hurt as hell
Only time will tell

(Repeat Chorus)

I don't wanna seem
Like I'm trying to control you
I'm just simply looking
Out for my girl, that's what I do

Nena please, listen to your girl
Don't wantcha makin' this mistake
You're too beautiful to be with him
He's way too uncaring and fake

(Repeat Chorus)