We need to change the world.
Why must we live this way?
Prejudice, crime.it is worth trying.

(Begin Beat)

Why are we sellin' ourselves short?
Not being all that we're worth
We can be more than this
Just start to believe

Need to stand up
Need to face it
Need to try and
Start to conceive

Look around
See what the world has come to
Is this how we want it?

Will you just.
Get up!
Stop acting like a fool
Forget about the rules
To yourself be true
Get up!
Put yourself up in the world
Don't just sit and be floored
You can make a difference
Get up!

Now there is a way to go
Besides the usual
Stand up for yourself
Show off your face

Be the example
For other people
Stop disrespecting
Honor your race

Problems in the world
That are really worth fixing
Let's make it how we want it

(Repeat Chorus)

Stop thinkin' you can't make it
Just because you're this or that
Get up and show you can take it
And you're not gonna be flat

Prejudice, crime
Black, Spanish, White, Asian
The list goes on
Underneath we're all the same
Believing in love

(Repeat Chorus)