Scattered Across The Earth

I wrote my last poem, yesterday.
I think it's my best
I just thought I'd drop it off for you.
It's s a shame you had to go when you did.
I would've liked to write it before you.
Before WE,
Were changed forever.
I don't know who was changed most, though...
I wish you were here to read it.
Coz I'd like to see your expression
And hear what you have to say about it...
No one understands the poem
I brought it to you.
No one understands me...
"There once lived an animal
That loved all.
It loved the other animals,
It loved the hunted along with the hunter.
It was different from all the other animals.
It never hated. it was.
Until one day
It lost its mother to a human hunter.
Who was one up on the food chain...
He turned bitter.
Until one day
He died of loneliness..."
Your grass seems greener than the rest on this place...
This was a learning experience.
Not good.
Why did this have to happen to us?!?.
I feel lonely...
I hate this place without you!.
But suffering comes
To those not afraid
To attack...
The unbeaten........