Where Angels Fear To Tread

You were the spark that made the flower grow
I was the darkness that engulfed it...
I wish you could be me for one day
Then you'd know the pain I experience
Every day,
And you'd understand.
But how can I expect you to go
Where angels fear to tread?
The spiral of glory
Is swallowed
By the evil of free thought
And I sense you hate me.
Almost as much
As I breathe on malice
I love the hated
As they fear not
The fearless
And anticipate
The unstable...
The bubbles of blood
Gushing through your veins.
Get to a point where they just.
You're afraid,
Aren't you?
The apple of despair
Is eaten
By the worry-free ones.
I won't ask for your help.
You can't handle me.
I've had lots of pain in my life.
Try to block out my losses...
But I am where angels fear to tread...