Emotions Emancipated
You, me, everything around us,
These feelings, these emotions have troubled me so,
Ever since that hour before we get on the bus,
Seventh hour, language, I know,
That this is weird for both you and me,
But don't you see?
I'm head over heels for you!
And I've felt this way for so long, it's true
All of these thoughts, feelings, and admiration,
Have been bottled up and now demand emancipation
Everything about you,
Makes me want to cry,
But don't get me wrong, in a good way,
I hate myself for being shy
For had I talked to you,
Asked you out,
At a better time,
In a better place,
Maybe it would've been better
Maybe things would be different
Maybe if I hadn't stuttered,
I wouldn't have to solemnly flutter,
Around through my mind every day,
And wondering that if there's some way,
I can win your heart,
Is there?
I don't ever want to be apart,
From you
But now we have to say farewell,
And our destinies divide,
Maybe they will reunite someday,
How I dread to say goodbye!
For months I've thought of how to tell you,
All of these emotions, feelings inside,
But I never knew how, never knew why,
I always fell for you
I always knew it was you
I always, though I denied it, cared for you deeply
I always will