Depth of Sunset
When the sun sets,
Its gradually retreating luminosity,
Graces petite rib cage clouds wandering,
Sailing and drifting above us
As we observe the auburn begin to line,
The clouds and fuse with crimson,
With a flamboyant amethyst backdrop completing,
The romantic scenario,
A spell is cast upon us
We can't cease it
We can't tame it
But something about that twilight,
That serendipitous,
That passionate nightfall,
Sets our hearts racing,
Faster than the fastest cheetah,
And makes our stomach quiver,
Flutter our spirits higher than,
A million brilliant monarchs migrating
And no matter how hard we try to shun it,
The emotion is there
The awe is there
The dreams are up there in the clouds,
Gliding their way to the marvelous heavens,
To be granted
And most significantly,
Up there,
In the sky,
With the looming stars,
Swirling around us in a vehemence of mystification,
Woven into the multihued tapestry of our,
Is that paradise,
The adrenaline that keeps us together,
The motivation to exist,
All within the depths of the dusk,