Don't care about your alibi,
Because it just isn't good enough,
Nothing is,
There's no excuse,
So get over me and move on
I'll never forgive you,
Pitiful excuse of a man,
Leave me alone,
Stop asking if,
Because you crossed the line
Sorry doesn't cut it when,
I gave you my precious trust,
Then you knocked the vase off of the shelf,
And broke it
I don't keep broken glass,
And you sure don't have any super glue,
It's one of a kind and you screwed up
Don't look at me as if,
I'm wrong,
I'm cruel,
I know I'm right so get off my case
You tried to take me for granted,
Sell me half off,
Well it's not happening anytime soon,
Anytime at all
So go away; don't talk to me,
Because you lost my respect,