Two roads,
One way hopeless,
The other well known
Which path do I take?
Ominous storm clouds loom over one,
A rainbow o'er the other,
Yet amidst the band of brilliant colors,
Are millions of glitches
No longer are options as open,
Chances as great
But with the other road,
Other choice,
Slim to none chances of finding,
The rainbow
Far greater than any,
Taken by me before
But the comfort,
Possibly at the end of the ordeal,
Could be so great,
So kind,
Heartwarming and sweet,
It would be worth taking
And so I stand,
At a fork-in-the-road,
As my heart decides.
Despite the chill,
Down my spine,
And my churning stomach,
Uncertain heart,
To take a risk,
A chance of sabotaged pride,
And weather the befuddling storm