Gullible Dreamers
Wishes you wish,
Dreams you dream,
All are asked for,
Upon stars that gleam
Oh their innocent light,
Their deceitful glow,
Tricking you with,
An iridescent light show
Never do wishes,
You ask for come true,
For the stars know nothing of,
The hopes and desires of you
Nor the zephyrs, nor the oak trees,
Nor the moon so luminous,
They can't know the sadness,
The feelings of blue in us
Our wishes, our hopes,
Our most passionate desires,
All smolder in the embers,
Of an eternal fire
Kindled and rekindled,
Again and again,
Brought on by anger,
Rage, immense pain
These horrible characters,
These monsters in disguise,
Are the foundations of our hopes,
Inquiries and lies
Who knows if really,
The stars are at fault,
They're merely bright spheres of gas,
How could they possibly halt,
Our dreams and aspirations,
From becoming realities?
Minute specks of radiance they are,
Stationary above land and seas
Maybe it's us,
Ourselves we should blame,
For being so gullible,
For being so lame
The only way,
Our dreams will ever come alive,
Is if we change ourselves,
Change our lives
Therefore the stars,
Do not decide our destinies,
Their job is to flicker in the heavens,
And tell a tapestry of stories
While our job varies,
Depending on the desire,
For we will continue wishing,
As long as our souls are on fire