Is You
An unknown spirit is off in the distance,
That heart, that soul,
Is you
When a gentle breeze ruffles your hair,
And flows over your flushed face,
You look like a god and a part of you,
Graces my lonely heart and soul,
And a rush of ecstasy engulfs me
I am not alone, for you,
Are nearby
When clouds of mist are looming around you,
Above the reflection of a vibrant rainbow on the rough, cobblestone
My blood races through my veins at high speeds like a whirlwind freshly
A wanderer wanders,
Along the beaten path,
That drifting character,
Is you
Even at night, with darkness,
Engulfing you, you seem so,
Mysterious and secretive,
Like a hawk watching over its unsuspecting,
When an everlasting rain cloud awaits you,
You are fearless and do not falter,
Standing tall and majestic,
A fearless warrior is,
On the beaten path,
The continual path,
To glory and happiness,
That warrior, that wanderer,
Is you