Most Beloved Melody
Whenever I hear your charming laugh,
I smile and turn rouge
It is like a set of wind chimes,
Or like graceful, silver church bells,
Ringing in the lonely sunrise,
And reflecting the morning rays of,
Everlasting luminosity
Your laugh is a music box
No, it is an orchestra,
Playing a melody as serene as the faint moon glow,
Gently illuminating the vast midnight
No piano can surpass its harmony,
No trumpet its boldness,
No French horn its fragility,
And no baritone its outgoingness
It is dazzling with all of the warmth,
Of a fresh-out-of-the-oven batch,
Of chocolate chip muffins
Your cheeks turn ruby when you laugh,
And puff up like a puffin's inflated cheeks
Your starry eyes glisten,
With all of the courage,
Of an emerald butterfly about to take flight,
Into a new era
Your eyes are amorous and compassionate
They make me feel better,
When I gaze into them with my own,
Murky outlook
Whenever we are not near each other,
I can still hear the music box,
The orchestra, the church bells,
Of your laugh
The sparkling radiance your joy flaunts,
Engulfs my spirit and makes it stronger
And with every beat of my heart,
Every step I take,
I will never loose that,
Most beloved melody