Thinking of You
The mere thought of you,
Races through my very being,
The absence of your presence,
Takes away the meanings,
Of the pool of sky above,
Cerulean seas,
The fluttering butterflies,
The buzzing, bumbling bees
My outlook is murky
I'm vaguely able to clarify,
All that surrounds me,
When my prince is nearby
Wearing nothing fancy,
But a t-shirt and shorts,
Random shoes
Maybe I need support,
Reassurance that I'm fine,
Knowledge that I'm free,
Free, oh free, how I wish,
I could be
Yet tomorrow when I awaken,
You will be there,
Right by my side,
In my dreams we'll share,
So many experiences,
First kisses and dates,
I'll dream and I'll wish,
Press snooze so I can sleep late,
And dream all the more,
Forever throughout the day,
Infinity here I come,
I'll let you light the way