Not here, unseen,
Crying alone, suffering alone,
Wanting to be comforted and wanting to cringe and hide away at the same
Stay away form me, I will only bring you pain,
Come closer, tell me everything will be all right,
I long for you with all my heart and soul,
I despise you when I see your blind eyes and hear your honeyed words.
You hurt me every minute of every day of every month of every year,
You help me always and forever until the day I die,
Until the day you disappear.
Don't touch me with your hands covered in the dirt of your lies,
Hug me close to you, let me feel the warmth radiating from your heart,
I cry for you, your understanding and devotion to me,
I spit upon you, scream at you for the countless times you broke my heart
and left me in pain.
My pain is projected upon you, so you become my outlet,
The person who made everything wrong,
So I scream at you,
So I insult you,
So I spit at you,
So I berate you,
So I hurt you,
My words the swords that slash at you and add to your guilt and shame.
Your pain,
My pain,
I cannot tell them apart, they are fused as one within my heart,
Feeding upon my soul until nothing is left but a dark, pain infested shell
of who I once was,
But there already wasn't anything left, I already was an empty vessel of
hurt and pain.
How could the added pain hurt me anymore?
My lighted soul was replaced by a dark, sinister soul ,
That blinded me to all the joys,
The deafened me to the wonderful noise,
That embittered me to the Truth of life,
That caused me spew the worst of my pain back at you.
Inside I've died a thousand deaths over you and everything you say and do
to me,
All of your honest mistakes.
I've ripped apart the petals of the rose that is my heart and love,
Watched as the petals burst into flame and fell upon my grave,
I broke free of the grave you dug for me, only to be thrown back in by the
look in your eyes,
Your disgust and lies.
I watched as everyone I loved turned away from my grave, believing me dead,
I watched as my wings reflected the sunlight, flying alone when you left
I felt the pain when you broke my wings and thew me back down to the
darkened world,
I screamed when you ripped your love from my heart and fed it to another,
I cried when you dug my heart from my chest, stole the care you had for me
and bestowed it upon your new love, tossing my heart back in my face with a
laugh and an evil smile.
So now you leave me alone here with my broken, bleeding heart resting in my
So you leave me to fend for myself in the unforgiving, pain filled lands,
Like a forgotten toy tossed upon a dusty shelf,
You forget about me as you turn to another.
I scream and cry, my voice echoing off the bare canyon walls,
I hear no one, not you, not her, not them
No one.
All I hear is myself, the forgotten girl,
The one no one cares about anymore,
The one consumed by her hurt and pain,
The invisible girl waiting for a train that will never come.
This is me, this is who I am destined to be,
The invisible
Forgotten girl that no one remembers.
The girl humanity