You Just Agitate Me
I can't help but to say you just agitate me,
With all your talking and your annoying voice,
Sometimes I wish I could kill you,
All you do is say, "Are we friends?"
Or its this anf then that, its messed up,
Everytime I wake up,
I know its going to be a bad day,
All because of you being in my life,
Its pretty bad since everybody else likes you.
I just can't stand you,
Wish I could go up to your face,
And say your a disgrace,
Everytime you start, I wish you would shut up,
You just agitate me because of your stupid actions,
You think everything you do is right,
Wrong. Everything you do is wrong,
I have a headache everyday from you,
Usually I just want to die then and there,
I just can't stand your presence or existance,
I think this is all a joke to make me mad,
Can't help saying this, you just agitate me