Alone, Beyond, and Hikari

Lone wolf howling,
Sending his feelings to the
Empty moon, I wonder
Does it listen to what he has to say?
Even if it doesn't, I do.
The hunter is crying,
But only I could tell.
As the snow falls,
the world crumbles.
On the verge of the
Black void, the wolf
Cries becasue his pack
Has faded to shadows
And burned to ash.
He tells of how he wishes
For a way, the way
To go where evil cannot.
He could search a thousand nights
And never find the road
The way beyond is lost
In this land,
Too far purged in twilight...
Not enough light to
See the ancient way,
Enough darkness to
Hide what's left.
Others may have
left him out,
But I see him as
Another wanderer,
Just like me.
WOuld he follow if i asked?
Only one way to see
So I howl, too,
And his golden eyes
Meet my deep blue.
The human, the wolf,
Both searching for
the light beyond...
As we walk side by side
We mend each others' wounds
Even the ones eyes cannot see
We tell our storries,
Sad and painful epics...
EVen though they are wrought
WIth loss and failure
They are easier to face
When you're not alone,
When someone else is
Listening, showing that
they care...
Behind lays the past,
Dark and cold like winter
But ahead the future
Is unknown, and though
It is as unpredictable
As a squall, it
Is brighter than before.
On the outside,
We may look different.
But the inside is the same.
We realize we'll never
be alone again
And the tracks we leave
Behind us in the snow
Now look the same.