Baby I loved you
More than you know
I made a mistake and now
We don't flow

Like we used to
After the drama
The explanations and conflict
And the emotions built up

But you said we were okay
And I believed you
Why you gotta be like this
I need to

Know the truth
Know if you love me
Know if I'm just wasting my time
Or if this is meant to be
I'm goin' out of my mind with all the twists
Feel dizzy with all the turns
Baby, please, let me be
And help me stop the burn

I know what I did hurt
It was really painful to you
But I can't deal with this shit
What do you expect me to do?

Baby I love you
But sometimes I feel used
One day you flirt with me
The next you just accuse

You play with my mind
I put up with you
Baby love just understand
I need to

(Repeat Chorus)

Help things be clear to me, I need to
Where this is goin' and
Can't deal with it, 'cause I
I need to

(Repeat Chorus)