T.R.A.V.E.L. (Time Reversed At Very Extreme Levels)

By: Jewel Krystal


Prologue [intro (information)]:

          This is the story of two girls named Casey and Cassandra. Casey is 15 years old. She is 5'8" and has long black hair. Her hobbies are drawing, playing sports, playing instruments, playing video games, and writing stories and magazine articles. Cassandra is also 15 years old. She is also 5'8"; but, she has very long red hair. Her hobbies are building, collecting knives and swords, collecting dolls, playing video games, and writing songs and poetry. Now that you know who they are, let's see what's going on now. Tchao.

Introductory Paragraph (actual prologue):

          Casey was drawing a picture of a girl in her sketch book. It was a girl of tall stature and very long red hair. "She looks so awesome!" Casey exclaimed. Looking from a distance, an unknown person was watching every move that Casey made. "She's drawing me?! She doesn't even know me!" Cassandra exclaimed. "Wh-who's there?" Casey asked in a frightened tone. Thinking: Uh-oh! Why did I have to have such a big mouth? Oh well. Might as well show myself. Cassandra came out hiding in the shadows in the dark corner of Casey's room. "What?! You're the girl from my drawin'!" Casey exclaimed as she got out of her chair. "I know; even though, I didn't expect this. My name's Cassandra," Cassandra said, introducing herself. "Nice to meet cha. The name's— "Casey. I know who you are," Cassandra said. "Wow…. So, how do you know me?" Casey asked. "Well, I'm from an alternative dimension. My father told me that used to be one; but, we split. Now we're two different people; which made one dimension turn into two. If we don't become one again in one week, we'll both die," Cassandra explained. Casey began to walk backwards as she became fearful. "Casey, it's ok. It won't hurt you," Cassandra said, trying to reassure Casey. "Ok, I'll do it," Casey said with a smile on her face. "Sweet. Now, our bodies, minds, and souls become one as well as the two dimensions," Cassandra said. "What do I have to do?" Casey asked. "Notice that mark on your right hand?" Cassandra asked. "Yeah, do you have one?" Casey asked. "Yes, on my left hand. This is how we become one. Ready?" Cassandra asked. "Yeah, baby! Let's do this!" Casey exclaimed. They put their marks on their hands together as a red light surrounded the room. They soon became red figures. Thinking: This is the last time we have separate…everything. Well, goodbye old world. I'll miss ya lots. The two figures had soon merged into one. It continued glow for five more minutes and then stopped. The new person soon became confused. "What I am doin' standin' in the middle of my bedroon floor? I was typin' my magazine article in the computer room…. So, how'd I end up here?" the person asked herself. As she walked out of her room, someone stopped her. "Shandelle, it's your turn to cook dinner tonight. Your brother, Joseph, did it yesterday," the person said. "Mom, I cooked yesterday, not him," Shandelle said. "Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm sorry. You can go finish doing what you were doing," Shandelle's mother said. Shandelle decided to go downstairs when all of a sudden, the power went out in the house and she tripped.

Outro of Prologue:

         Casey and Cassandra have now become one. The person created from this is known as Shandelle, who now has, a brother? There was a power outage in the house and she tripped down the stairs. Is she ok? Will the power ever be back on the in the house? Find out in the next chapter. A tout a l'heure!