You take me by the hand

Say we have to talk

Do you understand?

We go for a walk

We walk along

You talking gently

I try to be strong

Listening intently

Then many a tear falls

And so I pull away

Trapped in life's walls

The tears, I try to stay

You hug me as I cry

Pulling close my shaking body

Asking gently, why?

I'm trapped within your custody

Don't want to answer your questions

They bring to light too many fears

I'm open to suggestions

About why you hold me here

You say its because you care

That I give you cause to worry

I turn from your earnest stare

Fast, and in a hurry

When people care I get hurt

They don't care all too long

Dragging me through the dirt

Knowing I'm always wrong

I'm prey to the hurt of trust

Running from all the people

Hiding from their disgust

Concealed by a steeple

You hug me tight and close

Showing what you say is true

Feeling so morose

Wondering if I can believe you