It is the after school hours. Dubois walks out of the busy school to the bike rack. He glances at the many Juniors and Seniors rushing out of the parking lot in their BMWs and SUVs. He lets out a sigh.

"Next year I'll drive too," he murmurs to himself. After situating himself on the bike, he unchains it and takes off down the sidewalk. Many houses fly past in a frenzy of green grass and flittering leaves. He turns the corner, and stops.

Her house. The house of the angel lies in his view. How does he know? Well we all know how one with a crush can be... obsessive. Two white column stand on the left and right side of the double oak door. The windows own shutters of a dark burgundy. The brick is a mix of slight pink and a darker red. And the shingles on the roof are of a dark charcoal color. The yard is very well landscaped, with trimmed shrubs and tree strewn here and there. The concrete walk way that leads from the sidewalk to the front steps is bordered by two long flower gardens.

Judging by the white Mustang parked in the driveway, Dubois assumes Angelique is already at home. Before he knows it, his bike is upon the ground and he is making his way up to the front porch. It isn't until he reaches the front door and holds his knuckles over the smooth wooden door that he realizes what he is doing. He pauses.

"I shouldn't be doing this... I am going to make an ass of myself," he mumbles out loud. His hand shakes a bit.

"But this may be the only chance I'll get to talk with her without other people around," he reasons with himself. He inhales deeply to compose himself and then slowly knocks upon the door.

All remains quiet. He swallows hard and knocks again, this time a bit louder. After another short moment of silence, he hears footsteps. His heart jumps up into his throat.

"This is it," he thinks. He swallows again and holds his hands at his sides. The oak door opens. The crystal eyes blink a few times.

"You're not Angelique," Dubois murmurs. Standing in the doorway is Leion, clad in nothing but his boxers and a white undershirt. The dark haired teen raises his eyebrow.

"And might I ask why you're at her house?" asks Leion.

"That's my question to you too,"

"I am her boyfriend, why wouldn't I be here?" Leion says with a smirk. Dubois' face scrunches up in disdain. He looks off to the side. Well he has to admit, the boyfriend speaks true.

"Who's at the door, Leion?" Dubois hears the angel's voice from within.

"The little nerd from our history class," Leion calls back in. Dubois' hands ball into fists as he feels his cheeks burn. At least he didn't use his ugly nickname.

"Oh? You mean Doboys?"

"Yeah, that guy," Leion replies. He glances back at Dubois. The one with glasses glances up and notices the amused expression on the boyfriend's face.

"I'll just be going now," the thin teen says with a defeated sigh. He turns his back to Leion and takes a step. Suddenly Leion grabs the back of Dubois' shirt and pulls him toward the house. Dubois' eyes widen.

"Well you had the guts to knock! You might as well come in," he hears Leion chuckle. Within a moment, the blonde teen finds himself seated in the living room and sitting across from the angel. He hears the front door close. Dubois squirms while his fingers fidget and cheeks flame. Angelique lets out a cute giggle, like chimes being billowed in the breeze. Leion comes back into the living room and plops down in a chair nearby. Angelique looks at him.

"Don't be rude, Leion, get him a drink," she says smoothly. Leion glances back at Angelique and then looks to Dubois.

"Do you even want anything to drink?" he asks. Dubois looks down at his shaking hands. He gulps but shakes his head no.

"I don't think you want a mess on the floor. I'll probably drop it," he says in a hoarse whisper. Crystal eyes slowly look up to find the angel watching him. She smiles warmly.

"Very well," she says in her gentle voice. She leans back in her seat and crosses her shapely legs.

"So tell me, what inspired you to knock upon my door?" Angelique asks. A new rush of red spreads over Dubois' face. He looks back down at the wooden floor.

"Well, I... wanted to talk to you. Privately," he manages to get out. His blonde head raises a bit to look at Leion. To his surprise, the boyfriend is watching him as well with his vivid blue eyes.

"About a crush?" Angelique adds to Dubois' sentence. His head jerks to the side to look at her. He gulps and nods. Angelique is silent. She looks over at Leion. The dark-haired man glances back at her. Dubois looks at them as they practically talk through their eyes. After a moment, Angelique stands. With elegant steps, she walks to Dubois and takes his arm to pull him to his feet.

"Come, I'll show you to my room,"

"Y-your room!?" the thin boy's eyes nearly pop out of his head. She smiles and nods. Before he knows it, Dubois is sitting upon the soft satin sheets. Angelique heads for the door. She looks back at Dubois and gives him a reassuring smile.

"Make yourself comfortable," she says and then closes the door. The blonde boy looks around the womanly room. It smells faintly of floral scents and make up. Little figures are upon a shelf. A work desk is in the corner, covered in picture frames of Angelique and probably her friends. A few ribbons and trophies of achievement sit here and there on the high shelves.

He looks back at the door and lets out a sigh. What are they planning? Dubois can only imagine. After a while he finally lies down upon the bed and stares at a poster of a unicorn. The door creaks open. A few soft footsteps are heard and then some weight is added to the bed. Dubois looks up at who is over him. His eyes widen.

"What're y-!" is all he manages to get out before Leion captures the thin teen's lips with his own. It is nothing more than a light kiss, but it is enough of a shock to twist Dubois' throat into silence. His crystal eyes widen. Leion releases the blonde boy from the gentle lip lock and peers down at him.

"What did you do that for?" Dubois says after taking a moment to recover from shock. Leion grazes the back of his hand over the sophomore's cheek. A faint blush passes over Dubois' cheeks.

"What's your first name?" Leion murmurs as he avoids the question. Dubois stares up at him.


"Mikale?" Leion lets it roll of his tongue. "A very pretty name," he says after a moment. Mikale sits up slowly.

"Look, Leion, I don't know why you're doing this but it's not going to make Angelique very happy," Mikale stutters. Two large yet gentle hands rest on either side of Mikale's blonde head and pull the glasses from the sophomore's face. The crystal eyes shine a bit brighter and the thin boy's cheeks go a shade darker. Leion smiles and draws a few fingers down the small jaw.

Before Mikale can argue again, Leion slips his hand behind the younger teen's head. His fingers dig into the dirty blonde hair, and bring Mikale's face to his. The kiss is deeper this time. More of their lips push against the other. Leion rests his other hand on Mikale's chest. The top button is undone. The blonde pushes Leion away. His eyes are wide as he stares.

"I don't know why you're doing this but please stop it," Mikale says with as much force as he can. Leion smiles suggestively.

"Why? You like it," he croons. The crystal-eyed boy's cheeks blush brighter. He shakes his head a moment later.

"I do not! I like Angelique!" he says rather loud. Leion rests his hand under the other's chin, and tilts it up. Their eyes lock.

"You just think you do," his voice is coated even more so with the sensual tone. Mikale stares at those pure blue eyes and feels himself becoming lost in the melting abyss. It seems like a second, but Leion manages to unbutton the smaller teen's shirt. He runs a hand up the younger one's smooth chest. His thumb gently rubs against one of the pink nipples. Mikale feels a shiver run down his spine.

Leion smiles and gently nuzzles his cheek against the sophomore's. A soft purr escapes Mikale's quivering throat. Soft butterfly kisses make their way down the blonde's soft skin, further down his neck and to his pebbling nipple. Why Angelique's boyfriend is making out with him, Mikale does not know. All he does know is that it feels... different, in a good way of course.

His eyes blink a few times and he shakes his head once more to clear it of the intoxicating scent of Leion. But as soon as his head is clear, a seductive stroke of Leion's hand down the slender chest of Mikale sends him back into the smoky world of lust. The senior pushes the underclassman down upon his back. Those talented hands and petal soft lips draw themselves up and down Mikale's quivering torso. He shudders with delight. A soft moan emits from between pink lips.

The senior's wet tongue lightly licks the other rosy nipple. Mikale gasps as Leion takes the nipple into his mouth to suckle upon the hardened bud. The younger boy finds himself draping his arms about Leion's neck. He strokes the surprisingly soft brown locks.

Mikale's eyes open suddenly as Leion's seductive hand slips down his jeans. Leion's long fingers start to stroke the blonde's member. The sophomore gasps and his toes curl. His whole body tenses as the teasingly pleasurable ministrations echo through his being. Mikale lets out a soft whimper.

Leion releases the hard nipple from his mouth and glances up at Mikale's face. He smiles at the underclassman. His free hand helps to move the jeans and boxers down Mikale's slender hips and thighs. Mikale's grip around Leion's neck tightens. The senior then wraps his hand around the blonde's heated shaft. His thumb lightly massages the sensitive tip. Mikale lets out a sharp gasp.

"You look so cute when you moan, Mikale," Leion says in a sensual growl. He licks his lips whilst his hand continues caressing Mikale's hardening self. The blonde blushes a bit more at Leion's words and he bites his lip. A moment later his mouth is back open and releasing many moans and whimpers. Before his thirst for ecstasy can be satiated, Leion releases the sophomore's manhood. Mikale's eyes open again.

"Why'd you stop for!?" he complains. Blue eyes look at the irritated underclassman. Leion chuckles and then leans forward. He puts a teasing kiss upon the younger teen's lips.

"Because good things come to those who wait," is the senior's answer. With those few words running through Mikale's mind, Leion sits up and pulls off his white undershirt. The smaller teen blushes profusely as he realizes what is to come. Leion's boxers follow right after his undershirt. Then he leans back over the blushing boy and smiles at him suggestively.

"Leion... I can't do this," Mikale murmurs. He catches a look of the senior's privates and blushes more. His blonde head forces itself to look away. Leion takes Mikale's face in his and tilts it up to look at his eyes.

"Why not?"

"I'm a virgin," Mikale admits. Leion looks deep into the other's eyes. His hand brushes through the dirty blonde hair.

"So? Are you going to let that stop you? You're going to lose it at some point anyway, aren't you?" Leion asks him a few questions.

"People say I am gonna die a virgin," Mikale murmurs. A few soft finger tips trail down his neck. The blonde shivers.

"Don't you wanna prove them wrong?"

"Sure I would... but then I'd be true to my nickname,"

"That's why you think you like Angelique---to try and assure that you do not follow that name. If anything, you're envious and idolize her as the one who has claimed me," Leion says in an amused voice. Mikale stares at him and then shuts his crystal eyes to think. Leion rests his head upon Mikale's small chest. The heartbeat has slowed down a bit.

"Why do you want to do such a thing with me?" Mikale asks after a long silence. Leion draws his finger tips lightly over the smooth skin of Mikale's stomach.

"For one thing... you have an alluring body... to me at least. You just hid it from me all this time," Leion starts out. He chuckles a bit at his own answer. "You also haven't been spoiled and used by other people. I want to make the taking of that purity an un-forgotten experience. But most importantly, I want to make you mine. My Mikale,"

Mikale stares up at the ceiling. Everything remains quiet and slow.

"Please don't abandon me," is the smaller teen's only words. Leion props himself up on his arms slowly. The underclassman peers up at him with a serious expression on his face. The senior rests his hand upon the other's cheek and caresses his thumb over the crest of the blonde's pink cheek.

"Once you're mine, then I shall never leave you," Leion replies. Mikale shuts his eyes and smiles.

"Then you better claim me right now," Mikale murmurs and follows with a sniffled laugh. Leion smiles too and leans down to kiss the tearing teen. The blonde wraps his arms about the others neck once more and pulls him deeper into the kiss.

Leion's soft tongue pushes between Mikale's lips. The wetness passes between their hot mouths and Mikale lets out a gentle sigh. The senior's flexible tongue slides about in the other's mouth, tasting the sophomore's mouth for the first time. The little virgin manages up enough courage to slip his own tongue though Leion's awaiting lips.

Leion sits up after the longest while and inhales deeply. Mikale pants, gasping for sweet oxygen after such a long kiss. The senior smiles and then stands up from the bed. Mikale's eyes widen and he sits up.

"Where are you going?" he yelps with worry. Leion looks at him and touches his finger to his lips.


Mikale's crystal eyes blink a few times in confusion. Leion walks to the dresser near the door and picks up a tube. He then walks back to the bed and sits down. The tube is uncapped. The senior squeezes the tube with one hand whilst a transparent, gel like substance oozes out of the hole and into his other palm. After recapping the tube, he sets it aside. Mikale blushes upon finally figuring out what the substance is---lubricant. He looks back up at Leion and swallows hard. The senior spreads the underclassmen's trembling legs.

"Don't worry, this will make it easier for us to make love," Leion says in a soothing whisper. Mikale nods silently. Make love... could this act be counted as such? This guy... this man... is going to make love to him. Yet before this, they never so much as said a word to one another. Perhaps it really is a strange subconscious connection. Mikale shuts his crystal eyes. A few more thoughts drift through his head. But then the slippery finger is pushed into the tight opening. Mikale yelps as his thoughts are interrupted. The muscles in his thighs tighten again whilst Leion thrusts his finger in and out a few times. The senior adds a second finger. Over a few moments, Mikale's small entrance slowly stretches as the slippery lube does its job.

Leion draws his fingers from the blonde's damp entrance. Mikale inhales deeply. His crystal eyes stare up at Leion. The senior smiles as he crawls up the sophomore's body to position himself above the other. Firm hand pull the crystal-eyed teen's trembling legs up about his waist. Mikale gulps as he rests his quivering hands around Leion's shoulders.

The older teen brushes his warm lips against the younger boy's. It starts out delicate and light, but soon their mouths make deeper contact with one another. Mikale dives his tongue into the other's mouth once more to relish in the taste and wet.

Within a few short moments, Leion enters Mikale's tensing body. The blonde's fingers tighten their grip about a few strands of Leion's hair. The senior pushes himself all the way inside and then pauses. Leion breaks the kiss to look down at the darling boy below him. Mikale gives him a weak smile.

"I am hurting you..."

"No... only a little," Mikale says in a wince. The dark-haired student brushes his fingers through Mikale's soft blonde hair.

"Aim a bit higher," murmurs the sophomore. Leion nods in acknowledgment. His hips pull away from Mikale's trembling body. His hard member pushes into the younger teen once more, this time higher than the last. Mikale's eyes open wide for a moment before shutting. He lets out a sharp gasp of sampled delight. Leion watches his reaction and smiles, knowing quite well he has hit him in the right spot.

His own blue eyes close whilst his hips pull out of the heated underclassman. Then he pushes back in once more, then out, then in. Mikale starts out with a few short whimpers. They escalate into louder moans as Leion increases his pace. The feeling teases the inner workings of the newly non-virgin. Excitement, passion, lust and desire well up inside both of their beings till they feel they are ready to burst.

"L-Leion!" the blonde cries out loudly. The senior pushes harder, despite his muscles that are beginning to go sore.

"Leion! Leion! Leion!" Mikale cries louder with each remaining thrust. Their inner workings that are so twisted and tight suddenly release. The pleasure rolls. Mikale arches his back as his head moves more into the soft pillow below him.

The senior collapses upon the smaller teen after the short moments of maximum pleasure subside. His chest heaves up and down. The teen below pants as well and his muscles twitch every now and then from all the strain.

Leion nuzzles his head under Mikale's chin.

"Is it suppose to feel that good?" Mikale says in a breathless whisper. Leion nods his head and smiles while his eyes remain closed. Mikale tightens his grip around Leion's torso and hugs him with all his might. The senior lets out a muffled laugh. They remain locked in one another's arms for a short while, until Mikale breaks the silence.

"What's Angelique going to say?" the blonde murmurs.

"She'll be happy. She did her job,"

"Her job...!?"

"Yeah, she likes matching people together... guess you could call it a hobby," Leion chuckles. Mikale blushes a bit.

"... I'll have to tell her thank you," Mikale says softly.

"And sorry for dirtying her bed..."