One night
A lonely girl sits in her room
Why the shadows seem to loom
She thinks to herself
Why am I crying?
What is wrong with me?

1st Chorus:
The emotions, rolling around her soul
The actions, she's afraid to take
The words, she can't bring herself to say
To make her life straight again

The next day
As she pulls down her sleeves
Caused by his bad deeds
She pulls out her cover-up
And masks the black
Around her painful eye

2nd Chorus:
The anger, in her heart
Her lost pride, in her soul
The words, she has to say
To make her life happy again

She meets him
At his house
He's drunk again
But she's prepared
She dumps him
With powerful words
She's prepared
She fights back

3rd Chorus:
Her life, is good again
Her bruises, are healed
He's, locked up
She's, moved on.