Before I met you,
I was lost on this earth,
The real world meant nothing to me.
I was unhappy and scared
I didn't know who I was
Or what I wanted to be

But then you came along
Like an angel, a friend to me
You brought love and happiness
With you, a friendship
One I'd never thought I'd see

My angel, the one I turn to
When I'm lost and confused
My best friend, the one I can trust
You're an angel, a blessing in disguise
With the love that lies
Deep inside your heart
My angel, the one I turn to

There were sometimes I wanted to break down
I just didn't want to go on
But you said just hold on, and
Together we'll get through
The love inside you, always
Shines through.
Makes me feel better, the
One I turn to

We've been through a lot
My angel, my friend
We got through everything
The turns and the bends

(Repeat Chorus)

If there's one thing I know
It's that you'll always be there for me
Life does go on
And together we're song
And I know we can beat
Everything that comes to be

(Repeat Chorus)

The person who's changed
Me for the better
You're my angel
My best friend