You were sitting there
Finally next to me
You looked a little lost
But so inviting

I guessed what was on your mind
But I still made you say
You got what you hoped for
A long kiss, warm as day

As it went on
I found myself falling for you
As it went on
It dawned on me, what was true

My heart belongs to you
Didn't see it at first but it's true
I'd give up everything
Just to always be with you
My heart belongs to you
And I put my trust in too
That to me, you'll be true

I often wake at night
With your image in my mind
A smile that warms me
A love with no choking bind

Your eyes looking into mine
Make me feel adored by you
Although I'm loss in this
I'm not pressed to know what to do

'Cause I can feel
You're as lost as me
I can feel
It doesn't matter, together we're free

(Repeat Chorus)

Your lips softly meet mine
And I'm floating up into the night
Your eyes gently intense
Your touch so light

(Repeat Chorus)