Why does the universe exist?
Why do you want to know?
I dunno.
Neither do I.
Well, it's important, I guess.
Why is it important?
It just. . . Is.
Yeah. . .
Well, what's outside the universe?
How do you know?
Nothing can be outside the universe. It's got to be everything, that's it's
definition, right? Or is that existance?

I guess so. But something has to be outside. There's something outside
So? Wouldn't there be something outside of the universe?
Let me ask you this, why do you want to know?

Because I'm curious.
That's honest. But what could you use it for if you knew?
Well, is there a God?
Do you think there's a God?

I guess so, but we have no proof.
Well, that stuffs important. Like where we go after we die, that kind of
Do you want to test it? Do you wanna find out where we go?
Still though, I'd like to know.
You know, some people say things like: Live in the now.
What does that mean?

Don't look at me man, I just hear this stuff.
But you seem like you should know.
You think it's a question of importance?
Well, look at it this way. We can wonder all we want about stuff that we
will A) Have no control over. And B) Never find out about until we're
supposed to. You can wonder if there is a God. I personally believe there
is, but that's why they call it faith. Not knowing. OR, we could get back
to practice.
But this stuff is fun.
Yeah, I know.