Betrayal of a Bleeding Heart
By Odyssey2469

I weep as I sit here; wishing I could be free from you
I gave up my heart to you, and so I gave up my life
But now you betray me
You stabbed me in the very heart I gave you

The sweet crimson blood pours from my mortal wound
Slowly it seeps out; trickling down the blade
Covering your grasping fingers
You laugh as you try to wipe your hands clean


You betrayed me and the love we once shared
Let the stain of my blood, of my sadness, mar you for life
I loved you once; I love you still
You will wound me again, just as you have before
Yet my heart is still yours; I am bound to you…

I weep as I lie here bleeding, the final drops falling to the earth below
I wish I could be free of the love we once shared
I weep, knowing all too well that a heart can be wounded, but never changed

No matter what you do, I will always love you