The manga


Angels...Angels.....Who are you? Where am I? Angels, creatures of heaven, right?

I walk down the dusty, empty halls of the burning church, barely with clothes on my back. I trudge through the flaming church only to enter a world of devastation and chaos.
Completely scared and terrified I feel I am being watched. Down the murky hallway was a light peeking through the cracks of the door, where a melody is heard. I hear a lullaby being sung from inside the room. A sweet soft lullaby, it feels very comforting to my heart.
I was drawn to it, but I was exhausted, I must've been running for hours now. Still I haven't gotten any further then when I first started. My body, pauses throughout time, leading nowhere, going nowhere. I began to tiptoe down the cathedral and I pass by what seems to be an angel. This isn't a normal angel; then again, I have never seen one before except the type you see in pictures. Yet this was elegant, beautiful, a dark angel with no wings. I walked by the figure and all it does is stare, it doesn't move, it doesn't blink. It was very eerie; it could've even been a statue for all I know.

Finally reaching the door; I open it slightly and peek into the room. Surprisingly enough, something was actually in that little den. I am not sure if they were human or not, but they seem friendly enough. As soon as I step into the middle of the room, the door closes then locks itself. The presence of the angels was disturbed. The creatures that I thought were friendly turned into flaming beasts. Why were creatures of God turning against mankind? I never did anything to them; this is a mystery, real or not?
I stand and watch the cruel angel's wings bleed. The angel's are surrounded by the dark beasts of this world. Each one was made out of human's energy of hate and death. Somehow they cornered me to the wall and dried blood stained their lips. They reeked the smell of blood with each breath they took. I winced and tried to escape from their grasp but one angel/beast stepped down from his silver chair and stopped before my body. This person wasn't an angel. Infact he looked to be human, for he had no wings. Under the dark black cloak was a gleaming red eye. From the side of his long black robe he took his whip out and struck my face. I was now too covered in wet, crimson blood.

With each attempt at getting up on my feet I cried in pain. With every noise I made the long robed monster punished me. The other six beasts just stood there and stared, with empty eyes. Nothing more than empty shells, demons, demonic angels.fallen angels. I tried to hold onto what little strength I had, but shortly I collapsed.

I woke up to a world unknown to my own knowledge. Did I die? Did this actually happen, or am I still dreaming? Was I even dreaming in the first place? Looking down to the ground I saw feathers scattered on the ground. Opening my eyes I noticed that I was being carried. I gazed into the eyes of my saver. His eyes were aqua blue; he also had long, white, beautiful wings. The angel was simply gorgeous, his face was strong, and his expressions showed compassion. I didn't know who he was; I haven't seen him before, maybe in a sci-fi movie. But I was eternally grateful for him saving me.

He extended his arm out and my delicate fingers grasped his long strong hand. Spreading his wings out and flying towards the sky, his long golden hair flew across his face as the wind blew by. As we got closer and closer to the sky, I saw my friends; I saw many memories from my childhood. Seeing my loved ones being tortured as I had made me cry. I cried inside, trying not to let tears escape. The heavenly angel took his finger and wiped away my single tear. He then covered my lip with the tip of his finger to silence me.

The angel opened his mouth slightly and spoke softly

"Be prepared...for this is your tomorrow.."

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