Tarou was the sweetest person I have met. He was kinda spunky at first, but I have gotten use to him. It's kinda weird, I mean, I don't know why he cried. It made me kinda worried to see him break down like that. Ok well he didn't like break down. But he was on the verge of tears. I could see it in his eyes. I wonder what was wrong. Ah I'll just wait till he tells me, better than me being nosy. Anyways-"Mr. Hamasaki, you're up! Now get your butt moving to the front!" "Drat" Toby said to himself and closed he closed his journal in a flash. Toby looked up and saw the gym teacher glaring in his direction. Finishing his sentence; Toby sat up and walked over to the front of the class. The people here were so much different.

In the far distance he saw some of the kids practicing with wooden swords and it seemed pretty nifty. The moves that these students did were amazing and displayed great talent and strength. The teacher threw Toby a robe. "Put it on Mr. Hamasaki! Let's see what ya got." He snuffed and stared Toby straight in the eye. He hurriedly put the robe on and took a bokuto from the stand. Right next to him was a kid wearing a mask and a baggy uniform/robe. He seemed really skinny, and didn't look like much of a fighter.

It was time to start the first round, and the skinny kid with jet black hair with red streaks stood there while his opponent was charging at him. Jet black kid just swiftly moved to the side, while the other kid was just striking him with exceptional speed. Almost all the class gasped in shock at the site of him being untouched. "What's with this kid, he is fast! I guess it's his skinniness" Toby laughed to myself. A student from behind him tapped on his shoulder and said "He is invincible! No one has defeated him!" I turned around and took another look at the champ. He looked impressive, just like all the plaques that were hanging on the gym wall. "Hmm, turns out that this kid has never lost a kendo tournament within 2 years." Tarou walked up from the basketball court and ran over to get his water bottle. "Hey, whatcha looking at Toby?" Tarou jogged in place. Toby looked down on his small figure and smiled. "Nothing, just these.plaques." He coughed, then stood still, "Yea, Kato is good ne; he's the undefeated champion, and the captain of the kendo club and most of the other sports." Toby laughed "Kato huh? He must get a lot of the ladies attention no?" Tarou chuckled and glanced over at the huge pack of girls standing outside of the gym corridors staring and cheering for Kato. They couldn't keep their eyes off of him for a second.

As soon as the sandy haired boy turned to see how the fight was going
he saw the opponent charge once more. "You are going down!" He said.
Kato vanished into the air and left his opponent and the class in
shock. You would hear things like, where did he go? And things like
that. "Look in the air! Oh My Gosh! Watch out!" someone from the back
of the class shouted. "Prepare for the Rocket dive!" Kato yelled in
midair. The opponent looked to the ceiling and saw Kato fiercely dive
down on the boy and crushed him with his sword. The other fighter fell
unconscious to the ground and someone from the crowd pulled him out of
the center. Kato landed softly then stood bravely and glared at the
audience "Next victim" he said quietly.

Some random kid shoved Toby to the center of the court. "Let's
see the new kid do it." "He will get beaten to the ground." Was what
most of the students were saying. Toby just stared at Kato and knew
that this was a bad idea. (Well I will only live once, and this didn't
look too hard, that other kid was just clumsy.) Laughing softly to
himself, Toby grabbed a sword from the ground. He really contradicts
himself too much. Kato took one look at Toby, and then trailed his
eyes at his small figure. "You might be a good fighter for the
tournament, let's see what you've got." He raised his sword. Toby
flicked his nose "Ready when you are." He decided to let him make the
first move since he didn't want to make the same mistake that the
first guy did.

Kato held onto the cross that he wore around his neck. His eyes
began to glow, as if he was going into a trance. He ran towards Toby
with his sword and jumped into the air. It was predictable of what was
going to happen, since he saw the previous battles. So that thought
left Toby dodging quickly to the side as Kato dove down to the ground.
Kato turned around "Hmm, good agility, now let's see if you can stand
against this and win." He cocked my head to the side, "Chill out dude,
this is only a gym class." He snorted "Ha! Shows how much you know,
this is the school finals to determine on whom gets to go to the
tournament that is held in Japan. And who gets to go under me, that
is.if you win." There was more to this kid that meets the eye. Toby
turned around and looked at Tarou who just shrugged. "Alright, sounds
like fun." Charging head onto Kato, Toby steadily zoomed right past
him. Bewildered and searching high and low for his opponent, Toby ran
as fast as his feet would let him. He raised his sword and prepared to
strike his back. Kato swiftly turned around and blocked the attack.
"This kid is impossible!" Kato smiled at that comment and hit Toby's
stomach. He slowly fell to the ground clutched his side. Holding his
hand out to help his victim he said, "Wanna go again?" He opened his
eyes and took hold of my sword. Toby repositioned myself, "Give me
whatever you've got" His eyes became even more fierce "You will regret
those words." (Yea, I do) Toby thought. The crowd gave ooo's and awes
and He IS IN THE AIR! I stared at the gym ceiling and saw him dive, I
evaded his attack. My body felt stronger, and my eyes became heavier.
"You want to see my best! Well here you go!" The cross Toby's my
pocket began to glow. It illuminated the left side of his robe. With
one quick blast, Toby sent him flying to the wall, sending his small
figure cracking it.

Every one of the students in the audience looked at Kato, then
at Toby and gasped. Cheers were heard all over the gym. Toby was
lifted to the air by a bunch of crazed students. A lot of people were
shouting at and asking Toby a lot of questions, that or just
congratulating him. Tarou came running into the crowd and began
shoving people. "Ok! Alright! There is nothing to see here! Let's move
along! WELL GO! NOW!" Tarou shouted. The students cowered at Tarou's
glare. They soon all went to the locker rooms or the showers. "Thanks
dude, third time you saved me today. What would I do without you
Tarou?" He giggled. "You would burn to death and then cause a lot of
unnecessary trouble." "Yea that sounds about right, well thanks again

Tarou grabbed his gym bag. He walked to the water fountain and
sat down. I followed, "so.what's with that kid Kato?" Tarou took a
sip of water. "What do you mean Toby?" He stood up "his eyes! THEY
WERE RED!" "Hmm, must be on some steroid med." "I guess so." Toby
stared at the beautiful scenery ahead. Both of the boys heard
something fall onto the stone path. "Hey you dropped something." Tarou
closely examined the sparkling object. "Oh? My cross thing! Thanks
Tarou!" Toby snatched it from his hand and put it around his neck.
"Hey, uh Toby, where did you get that cross from?" He finished tying
the cross around his neck and put his hands on his waist. "I know
this'll sound kind of, well unrealistic but it fell in my hand, from
the sky." Tarou's face went blank. "It fell from the sky?" Tarou
looked utterly confused. "Yea, when I looked up to the sky, a dove
flew by and dropped it." Tarou laughed under his breath. "So, a dove
flew by and gave you a necklace that's corny dude." Toby stomped with
frustration "But it's the truth! I KID YOU NOT!" Tarou stood from his
seat and dusted himself off. "Whatever you say dude." he walked to the
drinking fountain and filled his water bottle. "Hey, you wanna grab a
bite?" He said. Toby glanced over at Tarou "Is the food good in the
school?" Tarou cackled and took my arm. "Nope, it sucks, but that's
why there are restaurants outside of the campus! The stuff there is
great!" "Is there any American places? With American food?" Tarou
stared blankly "Uhh, well.I'm sure there is somewhere, but you know,
you should develop a taste for Japanese food." Crossing his arms over
his chest Toby sat down reluctantly "I know that, I was just
wondering. A little home away from home, that alright with you?" Tarou
rolled his eyes. "Yes, but aren't you half Japanese?" "Uh huh, but
what does that have to do with anything?" "Get to the Japanese side of
you brother!" He pulled Toby's spiked hair, and then squirted some
water on it. "Whatever, but you are my guide, so I want to go to
American! You show where this stuff is." Toby pouted then smiled
gleefully... "Grr, fine! Have it your way, we should get to the dorms,
and get cleaned up before we go anywhere." Toby bent over and smelled
Tarou. "P.U.! You aint kidding dude! You reek!" Tarou lifted his arm
and sniffed himself. "No I don't, well not that bad."

Both Toby and Tarou walked slowly to the doors, just enjoying
the autumn air. Everything was so peaceful here; there was nothing
that could tear apart its beauty. Everywhere you stepped the air was
fragrant and leaves were dancing with the wind. Toby spun around with
the leaves, danced with them and the whole thought brought a smile to
his face. Tarou couldn't help but notice his new friend's new
behavior. Then again, he just met Toby, this must happen often. He
tapped Toby on the shoulder, "What's with you? Is the outdoor air too
much for ya? Or is this a natural occurrence?" Toby gave a small
smirk. "It's just so beautiful out here, no one to bother you, just

He began to hum tunes from his mind. Tarou blinked a couple of
times, then stared at the evening sky. "It is very beautiful; you
should see this place at night time. It's rather pretty." Toby
chuckled under his breath. "I would like to see it, any good viewing
places?" Tarou turned around and pointed to the west. "Look Toby, over
there. You see that hill on the far side of the campus? That's the
best spot to see the stars." Toby placed his hands in his pocket, and
grabbed out some gum. He unwrapped the stick and chewed. He spoke with
a full mouth, "ok, what time should we leave?" Tarou thought for a
while. "Maybe.around 8:00, that way we can bing a bunch of people from
the dorm." Toby scratched his chin and walked into the dorms entrance.
"Why would we want others, I mean, I don't even know anybody." Tarou
pushed the elevator button and they both walked in. "Well, Toby it's
about time that you meet others. I'm sure you don't want to be stuck
with me for the rest of the year." "I guess," Tarou frowned and
lowered his head. (Oops!) "No, but you aint that bad! You're actually
pretty cool." Tarou blushed at that last comment.

The elevator door opened on the third floor, releasing the two boys. They walked down the dorm hall and stopped in front of the room's entrance. Tarou took the small key out of his pocket and opened the creaking door slowly. Toby looked around the rather small room and flicked the light on. The lights flickered for the first couple of seconds and then it lit the entire room. Tarou carefully placed his stuff on his bed while Toby just threw his on the desk. He unzipped the bag and took out comb. He began to comb his hair and threw a piece of gum to Tarou. He picked up the stick and stared "I don't like gum." He placed it back on Toby's bag. "Uhh, alrighty then." Toby continued to comb his hair. He looked at Tarou through the corner of his eye as he saw the shorter boy taking out some clothes. Tarou took a towel and shampoos and soaps and other stuff like that. He peeked his head around the bathroom's door. "I'll be out in a couple of minutes, so unpack and everything." With that he shut the door and turned on the shower. Toby sat cross legged and took out a picture frame from his bag. He took one look at it and felt a tear shed. "I'll miss you mom, dad." He set the picture frame on the top of the dresser that sat in the corner of the room.

Toby tapped his fingers on the desk impatiently. Tarou was taking quite along time, more than he anticipated. He had been waiting on his friend for over twenty minutes. Not that he minded of how long he took, because he really reeked. But Toby was really hungry, and the restaurants would close in a matter of minutes. Soon 2 minutes went by, the 5, then 7. Even now he thought that Tarou might've fallen asleep in there considering all the hard work that he had to do for the day. Speaking of which, Toby felt exhausted himself. But he had gotten a lot of things done for his first day.

Toby heard the shower water cease, and then stop. He walked up to his dresser and found some old torn up shorts and put them on. A couple of minutes later Tarou walked out with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. Toby finished putting his shirt on and walked over to Tarou who was now drying his hair. "What took you so long? Did you fall asleep?" Tarou wiped his ears with the hand towel and hung it on the wooden rack. "No, I was just thinking." "Hmm, thinking in the shower? About what exactly?" Toby turned the opposite direction and let his friend dress. "Well, just about stuff, ya know?" he exhaled and put some long black pants, "don't you ever take a shower to rinse off your problems? It helps, it really does." Toby sat on his bed and began to blink. "Really? Must be a Tarou thing, or a random quirk."

Tarou strolled to the small walk-in closet and grabbed a white racecar shirt. As he walked by Toby noticed that there was a lot of bruises, and welts on his back and ribs. His eyes widened at the sight, it looked so painful. Toby wondered where he got those marks from, but it would be best not to be nosy. Yet this was his best and only friend that he has in his new home now. He should ask, but then again, it's none of his business. Tarou winced as he slowly slipped the shirt on over his torso.
Toby stared at him, and felt that same pain. A deep pain was in his heart, and in Toby's. The two boys made quick friends. Come to think of it, he hasn't even met any of Tarou's friends. Toby started to wonder if he ever had any, since he looks like a loner. Maybe he didn't fit in, since he is so young, and put into such advanced classes. Maybe he is just a nerd or something. After jumping to conclusions he realized that Tarou just might be busy that day, since it was his job to stay with Toby and show him around. "That must be it" Toby thought out loud. "What was that Toby?" He just realized that he just spoke his thoughts. Toby smiled, "it's nothing, just thinking about a.math problem." Toby gave a little white lie. He averted his attention to Tarou's face again, which inflicted a lot of pain, and sadness. Toby walked across the small carpeted floor and leaned his body so he could see Tarou's face. "Hey, you alright there Tarou? Something isn't right with you man?" Tarou buttoned his shirt and grabbed some socks. "It's nothing, just.nothing," he got up and walked to the door without turning around "we'd better get going, before everything closes." The younger boy put a fake smile on his face. "Alrighty then, let's go I am starving.for American FOOD!" They both left the room and headed for food. Leaving nothing but Toby confused.
It was pitch black nearby the campus hillside, where only a silhouette of a man rested in the limitless shadows. He breathed slowly "I can't believe I lost" he leaned against the stone wall. Another voice spoke from a distance, "You should never underestimate your enemies, even though they look weak." The boy looked at his cross, "I know that full well. Atleast I do now, that is." He exhaled. The voice spoke silently, "Now that we have seen his true colors, it is time for us to take action and strike." The boy in the black shadows stepped away from the wall, letting the moon shine on his back, "agreed, we must take action immediately." They both vanished together in the mist of the night.