It does not matter what you believe, it only matters 'what is the
truth'. (And sometimes, it's best to tell it.)

How can love be so cruel, when we are made from it?

Maturity is an act,
Hence: 'act your age', and 'act mature'
Old people are not mature, they are grown; adults are not mature, they
are learning; young children are
not mature, for they have not yet lost their grip on fantasy.

Children: Not afraid to believe in the unbelievable
Adults: Afraid to believe in the unbelievable
The aged: Forced to believe in the unbelievable.

Love can either be as deep as the ocean, or as shallow as a child's
play pool. (You can also drown in to
much of it/In this case, I'm happy that I'm drowning)

Never be scared of the future, know your past, enjoy your present, and
love what you have yet to

I'm thinking I'm hoping you thinking about me.

What's the point in dying?
When we all have life to live,
What's the point in spilling blood?
When we can all love instead.
-Siobhan Austen, ?/Nov/2003

'I am the Watcher.'

'I want to stay in Youth's Time Agency.'

'I know you're supposed to get exited, but common! There's no need to
get hard on the subject.'

'I'm flexible; I'm either right, or you're wrong.'

Leave my life, so as I can suffer in dignity

I think you have found someone to trust it, no one

I would help you, but you have a barrier of fire so hot, even the
devil fears to cross it.

If you think you're perfect, that's your first imperfection

The strongest person shall walk away from this fight

I know I'll find it, but I believe I won't

You can learn from 1000 mistakes, but you make the mistakes from the
things you learn

Life is a death sentence

You can live a life of sorrows, but when you die, you'll live a death

You can learn from school, but you can learn more form life

You can control life, but sometimes it can get of the leash

We die before we live

You light the darkness that you made

Ice can melt Heat


When the end comes, they shant be there, but in my heart they left
memories (footprints)

We are the generation that shall die, with or without memory

Each day we grow older,
And as these days pass us by,
We slowly die,
But the memory of friends shall never.

You are but one memory,
Which drifted through my life,
I shall cherish it.

The bitter spray of the ocean sea,
Is the only thing by which I remember thee.

You may drift through my life (You may drift by my side)
Hold my hand,
But what ever happens,
You shall never understand.

We've all had our laughs,
We've all had our tears,
Close we have become,
But we shall never forget the fear-Of leaving

Don't let me cry with tears of sadness,
Let me cry with tears of love (memories/Happiness)

There's never a never, there's always a later.

??æ?n?Ð f????õ? - I'm numb, but can feel pain, i cry dry tears, the
blade shines as it grazes my wrist. Love, is all that I fear

Why can't you realize that your opinions are not the worlds?

I only love you

I only love me

I'm not a freak, I'm just freakish.

??????, it hurts to cry, to think of you, i want to love & have u
love me, but in my heart, i no it shant ever be

This may be your first time of raising a teenager, but it's my first
time being a teenager.

I can stare at you,
And you'll stare back,
But it's me you stare right through,
And although you don't realize it now,
It's I who truly loves you.

Friendship is more than we all let on. It isn't a thing, or a
feeling, it is life and love.
And the way to show it isn't right or wrong, it's just forever.

Sometimes the only thing you fear is yourself.

Send me a postcard, or better yet, pay for my plane ticket, then you
can save money on buying me a post card.

What's the point in promises, when you don't keep them? Why do I
bother, when I only love you...that's all.

The only reason why girls are confusing, is because guys confuse us.

Just choose one way or the other, before I die from tears.

What about me? Aren't you meant to care? Of course not, I'm sorry, I
mistook you for someone else...The person I once loved.You.

What about me? Sorry, I forgot, I'm only human, that's worth nothing,

I thought I new...I really did try...But now is the last time...I
shall say goodbye...

'I await the day my love shall come, although I fear its left. But no
matter how my hopes shall down, it shall never lead to death.'

'Once upon a time, I wished for freedom. And I got it.'

'They say change isn't always good. But when you get what you want,
and the person you love loves
you back, Maybe then, It's for the best.'

Just choose one way or the other, before I die from heartbreak.

'Through regret comes sadness, through sadness comes tears. No matter
what happens, it's you I love.
It's never been you that I've feared. It's the tears I drown in, when
reality is here.'

You know how I feel.
You know the tears I cry.
Yet to you,
I would never wish to say my final good bye.
So I shall stay silent,
And hope for a new beginning,
It's only you I love and I hope that love is returned.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience;
It was never at my fault.
All I claim is my love for you, and the hurt that I'm going through.

Think of me, when the tough times get harder. No matter how far away
I am. You must know. I am right beside you.

You can learn from 1000 mistakes, but you make the mistakes from the
things you learn. And then you know, Never Again.

Behind your eyes, and your fake smile. What do you really mean?

I'm waiting for a simple sign that you luv me. And I'm giving out the
simple sign that i need to talk.
Why do u all ignore the call?

I wish you could see what others see. I'm just settling into my hole
of hurtfulness. Just ignore me, like the rest do...

The difference between you and I...? I try to love.

Can't you hear me? While I cry these silent tears...

Once Upon a second ago.

If I give up, that means I've given in.and i don't want to do that.

My best friend died yesterday. Her name was Siobhan.

My best friend was murdered by her own hand.

My best friend died yesterday. Her name was Siobhan. She was murdered
by her own hand.

What's done is done, and you can't erase it. You have to live with it

I'll wait for you. And even when I'm insane, and heaven's come across
my pave. Still my bones you shall find. I'll always wait for you.

Sometimes you just have to learn to get over the past. No matter how
hard it is.

I'll sit alone and love you. Even if u don't love me back. I'll let
my bones bleach. One day you'll come back.

Sometimes you should just ignore your mind, and go with your heart.
Don't try to know the outcomes, just let it be. That's real love.

But the truth is, beauty don't matter to the intelligent. Only the
mind and the soul do.
And if you look for what's inside, then you find more than just
beauty, you find them.And what really matters.

I'll wait for you. Even when I've gone insane, and heaven's come
across my pave. God has reached out his hand, and all faith has been
abandoned. Still my bones you shall find, bleached by the sun. I'll
always wait for you.

The past was bad enough. But, the future looks even worse...

Save me please. I don't want to drown in my own tears.

Can you remind me why I bother living a life not worth living?
Because, I've forgotten why.

It's only me. Don't worry, like you never do. Ignore the screams with
no sound. Shut of your ears. I'm already hell bound.

Forever waiting for something that shall never be. My past affects my
present; it makes my choices for life or death...

Best friends can also be worst enemies.

Your words paint a picture, not just in my mind, but around me. So as
I am apart of it.

Poetry that is so beautiful, will not only paint a picture in your
mind. But all around you, so as you are apart of the scenario.

Maybe I can live through this.Instead of giving into the inevitable.

There are so many different ways to express why do I
just sit here?

+ sign out + life's a system + love's a game + what exists is not
real +

Nothing doesn't have to mean 'nothing'.
It can just mean that something has disappeared from your life

I'll wait for you, even when my youth has left, and heaven's come
across my pave. Still my bones you shall find, ill always wait for

Do what you heart wants, but what you brain thinks is best.

You can know. But, it's only when you realise.then it hurts the most.

To live helps in the process of life.

All reality once had the basis of a dream, for that's how we reach
our goals.

Why have the pain of love, when the blade holds so much more?

Why use the blade to cause pain, when you can just have heartbreak?

We teenagers apparently don't know of love.but we are allowed to
experience heartbreak.

To resolve a fight within your self is one of the greatest
accomplishments you could ever have.

I want to know you better than I know myself.

Very rarely can you expect love with no heart ache to end it...

To be human, to be human, to be human,
to be simply be human.

Why do we hate, when love can hurt a lot more.

Death is only the beginning of the end

I keep forgetting why I stopped; the method seemed to work so bloody

The first person you have to confide in, is your self.

Set me free, because that's how I belong. Unlock these chains, I know
you hold the key.

Let me fly, let me live, because im sick of this life, I'll start
anew, I'll begin to breathe, i could trust once

Life is so complicated, its long and rough. Brings tears. Heartache.
But also love, trust and beauty. It can be worth living.

I'll just melt into the background of my mind, I'm sorry if I hurt
you, I'm sorry that I cried. And im sorry that I cared.

It's cold out here, and im all alone. Don't leave me here, don't
leave me with myself.

No such thing as love, only illusion and lust.

Life runs its self; I'm just getting dragged along after its

I'm lost and no one's looking for me.

I've got a disease, its called life. But I'll keep it to myself, 'coz
it don't matter either way, alive or dead, I
am alone.

I've got no solution. Because the solution I need, I don't want to

Everybody cries, everyone has held pain and seen blood. We are all
human so therefore we all hurt, we
all die, just some before their time.

Happiness was a thing of the past, but it's now what I feel. So thank
you, it's truly amazing.

Provisionally insane, pleading for life.leaving it behind. Dry tears
fall, in the dark alone. Crimson life ends.

Mistakes are made for a reason, so as u never make them again.

I'm just about ready to give up, tell me your message to god, and
I'll deliver it tonight.

If I was made for this world, it wouldn't hurt every time I continued
to breathe.

I can scream at you, beg you for help. But I may as well be screaming
at the stars.