AN: I don't care how horrible written this fucking poem is.
Kerri and I are having problems. And for once I have written
something that I am feeling, my blatant feelings. I cannot
confide to anyone because... well I know they don't want to
listen. But, here is my head emptied out with thoughts. So
yeah... here. I am not happy, I am not sad, I cannot feel.


Fuming words
that pull on the heart strings
She cries,
leaving us in a somber state.
Three years
mostly staring at the screen,
clutch phone.
Dejected, no physical love
to hold her.
Wistful tears always leaking
dismal eyes.
Seeing her for the first time
shining allure.
Words are the worst expression
to show her.
It formulates as a little lie,
back in hysteria.
My existence imminent to her,
lips should seal.
It is hard to elevate myself,
in down slopes.
Exchanged insults maim inside,
no changes.
Quarrels seem to shift back,
cannot resolve.
A time to be and feel so small,
cannot feel.
Talking into a concrete wall,
attempted boundary.
To ruminate about obstacles,
pointless now.
She needs to know, these are
endearment words.
Needs to know I am suffocating,
without her touch.
Needs to know it is not a game,
prancing about.
Upsetting to know there is
no one here
to come home to at night.
Pain grows,
like a perverse infection.
She knows,
must know I am not worthy.
A vacant being,
without her own presence.
To see her,
I long to touch her at once.