"I love you."

I couldn't help but to smile at his voice. It was like a dream to me. I am lying here in his bed and in his arms and it's the sweetest thing ever.

"How are you feeling?" Kyvan asks pulling me closer to his chest.

"I feel wonderful." I say honestly turning in his arms so we were facing. He smiles down at me and kisses my nose.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you." His face was serious now. "I mean I know it was your first time and I just wanted it to be perfect for you." I laugh.

"Oh Kyvan." I mumble kissing his cheek. "It didn't hurt at all and it was more perfect than I could've ever imagined." I felt my cheeks heat up remembering the night before. It was perfect. Of course there was a little pain but Kyvan was so gentle and slow it quickly went away.

"Liss." Kyvan whispered staring into my eyes. "Move in with me."

"Well duh." I laugh pretending not to be as surprised as I am. "You don't think I'd let you live in this bachelor's pad where little girls think they can come any time they want and have their way with you, do you?"

"Girls don't come here all the time." He laughs. "And they definitely don't have their way with me."

"Oh whatever." I laugh pushing his chest playfully. "I had to tell at least a dozen girls to stop calling over the last week. And I know those knocks against the windows at night weren't a wood peckers." Kyvan laughs harder. "Yea you laugh now but when those girls throw rocks at your window and it brakes well you'll………….."

"Liss." Kyvan smirks rolling on top of me. "There's not going to be any more girls."

"Hmmm are you sure you'll be able to do that? I mean you are the most known playboy is Philly." I pause. "And there are some beautiful girls out there willing to do anything to be with the sexy Kyvan Sparks."

"Well now that you put it that way." I try to push him off me but he only laughs and drops his weight on me. "I was joking. You're more beautiful than any girl out there." I wrap my arms around his neck and grin. He kisses me for a second. "You're the only one I will ever want."

"And you're the only one I'll ever want."

"That's good to know." He replies kissing my neck just as his lips meet mine the door bell rings. "No!" Kyvan mumbles in my mouth. He continues to kiss me and the door bell continues to ring.

"Come on Ky. What if it's Cecil he'll evidently use his key and walk in on us."


"So." I say as he kisses underneath my ear. I moan and forget about the bell. Being with him easily made me forget about everything around me.

"Don't mind me." Cecil says from the hall. I slightly jump.

"Ok." Kyvan says from on top of me.

"Well doesn't this seem familiar?" I look around Kyvan and Cecil and Danny were smirking at us.

"Damn." I mutter. Kyvan laughs.

"If you guys don't mind can you please close our door so we can finish what we were doing?" I blush at Kyvan's words.

"Ewwwww." Cecil yells. "Not with us in the house. Get up we have some news."

"What kind of news?" I ask pushing Kyvan off of me and sitting up.

"Meet us down stairs." Danny says grabbing Cecil's hand and pulling him away.

"You're what!?" I ask ten minutes later.

"I'm pregnant." Danny says nervously.

"Pregnant?" I repeat. "You can't be!"

"I am." Danny laughs. "I went to the doctor and everything."

"How far along?" I ask still a little shocked.

"Almost three weeks."

"But umm." I say looking at Cecil who looks sad. ""It's not Cecil's then."

"No." Danny mumbles.

"Then who's is it?" I ask looking between Cecil and Danny. They were both looking nervous and glancing around. Finally Danny's eyes land on Kyvan who was leaning against the counter looking bored. I look at him and his eyes widen.


"Kyvan?" I ask softly.

"NO." Danny says. "Well I mean I'm not really sure."

"What? I'm confused." I say trying to keep myself calm.

"Remember a few weeks ago when I got drunk and I thought maybe…. I thought maybe I had …."

"Yea I remember but that was only about two weeks ago."

Well there was a time before that when I woke up in his bed. He was drunk and so was I."

"Wait. Back up. Are you trying to say I may be the father of your child?" Kyvan yells. Danny flinches and barely nods her head. "Well you're crazy! I NEVER slept with you."

"Are you sure Kyvan?" Cecil asks tensely. "You often get drunk and sleep with random girls."

"Not her." He simply replies. "We may have fooled around a few times but I never slept with her."

"How do you know?" I ask quietly. Kyvan glances at me and walks over to my side.

"Alissa you don't think I've fallen in love with you over night do you?" He says softly taking my hands in his. "I've had feeling for you for a long time I just always pushed them aside."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Cecil asks getting uncomfortable. Kyvan glares at him and then turns to face me again.

"Every time Danny would hit on me or every time I'd even think about sleeping with her I'd get sick to my stomach." Danny grunts and crosses her arms over her chest. "It wasn't because I was disgusted with her it was because I'd always see you in my mind. I didn't get it then but now I do. I love you Liss and I have for a while now. I think that's why I said you were my girlfriend when you weren't because I wanted it to be true."

"Since when did you become all mushy?" Cecil laughs. Again Kyvan glares at him.

"This is too weird." I mumble. "I believe you Kyvan. Danny don't you believe him?"

"Of course." She says looking relieved. "I mean I just didn't know."

"Ok." I breathe a sign of relief. "Now who's this little baby's father then?"

"Well I have no idea. I mean I know who it is I just don't know how to reach him or anything."

"Well what's his name?" Kyvan asks.

"Umm I don't know." Danny says softly. "It was a one night thing."

"DANNY!" I yell she looks up and I can tell she regrets it.

"I mean I knows him, I knew before I came here I just needed to be sure."

"And now that you are?" I ask carefully. She looks likes she on the verge of tears.

"I'm not going to do anything." She shrugs. "If I see him again he'd probably not believe me or even remember me and even if he did how the hell am I going to find him?"

"Plus I've agreed to take the fatherly role." Cecil says from his seat. My eyes widen.


"I mean why not? Danny and I are going to get married."

"What?" I cut him off.

"Oh did I forget to tell you?" Cecil smirks. "We're getting married in the spring."

This was crazy. Everything was happening at once. Danny and Cecil were getting married after dating a week? They were going to have a baby. It was nonsense.

Well I guess it wasn't. If Kyvan asked me to marry him I'd say yes in a heartbeat and we've only been dating a week. We weren't even really dating, it was all fake. Marriage? What the hell happened to me over the last week? I'm too young to get married.

"Earth to Liss." Kyvan laughs running a hand over my face. I look up at him and my heart automatically swells. Screw being young. He's going to be the man I spend the rest of my life with and that's all that matters. I smile and look at Cecil and Danny. They were smiling at each other and anyone could tell they were happy.

"Well congratulations." I smile. "On the wedding and the baby."

Everything was going to be fine.

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